Think Kirk Cousins Is Primed To Sign a Huge Contract in NFL Free Agency? Think Again

As NFL giveaway group approaches, we have a singular steer to behold: a true, unlimited giveaway representative quarterback with experience, capability and relations girl during a game’s many critical and profitable position. Kirk Cousins will finally equivocate a authorization tab (Washington could try to tab and trade Cousins even after appropriation Alex Smith but, well, good fitness with that…) and, for a initial time in an NFL career that began in 2012, be giveaway to negotiate with all teams. And, as a account goes, mixed suitors will pierce mixed bidders, that will pierce Cousins a CRAZY agreement once a giveaway group bell rings on Mar 14.

Or not.

Limited marketplace

Quarterback is a usually position in football—except kicker and punter—where, exclusive injury, one male plays a immeasurable infancy of downs. That means teams will usually compensate one actor during a quarterback position, distinct other positions that can support some-more than one upper-range contract.

There are roughly 5–7 intensity teams who are in a marketplace for a starting quarterback. One group being mentioned as a intensity symbol for Cousins is a Vikings, who have 3 quarterbacks—Case Keenum, Teddy Brigewater and Sam Bradford—all set to be giveaway agents. But chances are doubtful that Minnesota would pierce divided from what they know and reinstate it with a glossy new intent in a window. The Jaguars, another group mentioned as a intensity alighting symbol for Cousins, have exercised a $19-million choice on QB Blake Bortles, so that’s not happening.

Thus, we are left 5 teams with intensity seductiveness in Cousins or another giveaway representative quarterback: a Browns, Jets, Broncos, Cardinals and Bills.

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The Draft Problem

Before removing to a draft, there are other obstacles for Cousins. Perhaps one of these teams, observant a enchanting deteriorate of a Eagles’ Nick Foles, chooses to package breeze picks to secure Foles, shortening a list of intensity suitors from 5 to four. And, of course, another group might cite another giveaway representative quarterback such as AJ McCarron, recently set giveaway by a protest arbitrator (and followed during a trade deadline by a Browns) or cheaper options such as Keenum or Bradford.

The bigger problem for Cousins, carrying been a group executive, is a draft. The accord seems to advise that 4 or 5 quarterbacks could be comparison in a initial round—and these 4 or 5 teams that need quarterbacks are expected to be selecting these players. A few of a formerly mentioned teams possess top-10 breeze picks, and some reports state that a Bills are perplexing to pierce some of a picks they have amassed to pierce adult to breeze a quarterback as well. Will a group spend top-tier free-agent quarterback income on a maestro quarterback in Mar and afterwards breeze his destiny deputy in April? That is a question. Again, usually one quarterback can play during a time.

Recent lessons

We have seen this film play out feeble for a teams in any of a final dual seasons. In 2016 a Eagles sealed obligatory Bradford to a two-year $35-million contract, usually to afterwards scheme to breeze Carson Wentz, creation Bradford extraneous. They were bailed out by a Vikings, who they leveraged for a initial turn collect after Bridgewater’s damage in a preseason, usually after profitable Bradford an $11-million signing bonus. Similarly in 2017 a Bears sealed a tip free-agent quarterback available, Mike Glennon, before drafting Mitchell Trubisky. And a $18.5 million investment in Glennon (the volume of guaranteed money) was feeble spent as a group gave a keys to Trubisky 4 games into his career. NFL teams learn from past mistakes of their brethren. Teams would most cite if a breeze were before giveaway group (which would serve alleviate a NFL giveaway representative market) though that is not going to change.

But, we say, Cousins is improved than Bradford and Glennon! Well, that is not a discuss we should have. It is this: would a Browns, Jets, Broncos, Cardinals or Bills unequivocally spend, say, $60-70 million guaranteed on Kirk Cousins to be a placeholder?

I might be totally wrong, and Cousins—or maybe even Keenum and McCarron—may mangle a bank after being transposed in Washington. But that might require bidding among a sum supply sequence of maybe dual or 3 teams, and a group peaceful to compensate full sell on a giveaway representative while drafting his destiny replacement. As with all things, we will see.

Fitzgerald’s fortune

News came this week that a Larry Fitzgerald will continue his stately career with a Cardinals. Fitzgerald will make $11 million this season, adding to career gain symbol that creates him a second-highest earning non-quarterback in NFL story (Julius Peppers is only forward of him). Kudos to Fitzgerald who has mastered a financial side of a diversion due to good happening from a prior CBA, chosen illustration from a late Eugene Parker and postulated on-field excellence.

With NFL finances clearly slanted towards management, there are changed few outliers “winning” a business of football as Fitzgerald. He and Parker negotiated not one, not two, though three record-setting wide-receiver contracts that became a customary for a position. With benefaction career gain of $151 million entering another season, Fitzgerald has now ensured sum career gain of during slightest $162 million. For comparison purposes, long-lived all-start receiver Andre Johnson, a third collect in a 2003 draft, had career gain of $106 million, $56 million next Fitzgerald, who was drafted a year later. Even Fitzgerald’s associate University of Pittsburgh connoisseur Darrelle Revis, suspicion to be a agreement savant, has career gain (likely exhausted) of $124 million, roughly $40 million next that of Fitzgerald’s. 

Fitzgerald will positively be partial of a Pro Football Hall of Fame, though is also a initial list member of a NFL business Hall of Fame.

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