There is Alabama football on Sunday in Birmingham

The Alliance of American Football League (AAF) began play on Feb. 9. The Alabama football group in a league, a Birmingham Iron opens on Sunday.

Alabama football fans still have football accessible this open and we don’t meant a Crimson Tide A-Day diversion in April. The new maestro league, a Alliance of American Football (AAF) has started a initial season.

The eight-team league has teams in Phoenix; San Diego; San Antonio; Salt Lake; Memphis; Atlanta; Orlando and Birmingham. Former Alabama football assistant, Joe Pendry is a General Manager for a Birmingham Iron. The Iron’s conduct manager is longtime NFL veteran, Tim Lewis.

The initial AAF deteriorate began Feb. 9 in San Antonio and Orlando. Mike Riley’s San Antonio Commandos defeated the San Diego Fleet 15-6. It was Fun ‘n’ Gun time in Orlando as Steve Spurrier’s Apollos kick a Atlanta Legends, 40-6.

The Birmingham Iron open during home on Feb. 10 opposite a Memphis Express. The AAF teams will have a 10 diversion unchanging season. Four teams will allege to a playoffs.

Rosters in a AAF have 52 players. The Birmingham Iron has 23 former SEC players on a roster. Ten former Alabama football players are on a Iron roster. Those former Crimson Tiders are Blake Sims; Trent Richardson; J.C. Hassenauer;  Dominick Jackson; Korren Kirven; Brandon Greene; Josh Frazier; Xzavier Dickson; Bradley Sylve and Cole Mazza. Former Tide far-reaching receiver Richard Mullaney plays for a Arizona team.

Several Alabama football players are approaching to start for a Birmingham Iron. Former Tide QB, Blake Sims is now a backup to starter, Luis Perez who played during Texas AM-Commerce.

The AAF has done a few manners changes from a NFL. A ninth official, in a press box and called a ‘Sky Judge’ can overrule calls on a field. The grounds of a combined central is to scold mistakes though prolonged delays reviewing video.

The joining has a promote understanding with CBS. There will be no radio timeouts and a series of commercials during games is reduced. The play time is 35 seconds, 5 seconds shorter than a NFL. The reduced commercials and shorter time are approaching to revoke a overall length of games by 30 minutes.

The new joining will have no kickoffs and no kicked additional points. A two-point acclimatisation try will follow any touchdown. Each group will get a possession in overtime though games can finish in a tie.

The joining has captivated some familiar coaches, along with Steve Spurrier during Orlando and Mike Riley at San Antonio there are Dennis Erickson during Salt Lake; Rick Neuheisel at Arizona and Mike Singletary during Memphis. Former Alabama football radio researcher and Executive Director of a Senior Bowl, Phil Savage is a General Manager for Arizona.

There are several former Auburn players in a joining and some of them play for a Iron. Alabama football fans are speedy to demeanour past that snag to enjoying a new league.

The Iron play on Feb. 10 during 3:00 PM CST in Birmingham’s Legion Field. Tickets are accessible for reduction than twenty bucks.



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