The Warriors Return to Looking Inevitable

“He came out super aggressive, in kill mode,” a Warriors’ Draymond Green said. “That was all a disproportion for us.”

Durant’s blast in Game 3 followed a integrate of pale efforts for him early in a series. Defended by a Clippers’ Patrick Beverley, a 6-foot-1 ensure whom Durant has described in new days as both a “pit bull” and a “pest,” Durant managed 23 points before he was ejected in Game 1, afterwards struggled even some-more in Game 2: 21 points and 9 turnovers while sharpened usually 5 of 8 from a field.

At use this week, Durant had a scrum with a news media that felt some-more like a doctoral defense. He explained his proceed on offense. He talked about plan and chemistry and shot preference and rhythm. He might have mentioned a officiating once or twice. He also offering a sign in box anyone had forgotten.

“I’m Kevin Durant,” he said. “You know who we am.”

After Thursday’s game, Durant pronounced a usually disproportion was that a group had run some-more plays for him while putting him in improved positions to score, mostly on a low block. Consider: He scored 27 points in a initial half though did not make a singular 3-pointer. His mentality, he said, never changes. He was not going to force bad shots. He was not going to spin his matchup with Beverley into some arrange of me-first duel.

“I don’t do that form of stuff,” Durant said. “I usually play.”

The Warriors have had one bad widen opposite a Clippers in this series, and it cost them. But they clearly seem some-more together and some-more volatile than they were behind in November, when they visited Staples Center and mislaid to a Clippers in overtime after Green and Durant barked during any other on a bench, afterwards feuded in a locker room. The group wound adult suspending Green for a game. Durant, angry during questions about giveaway agency, after boycotted a news media for about dual weeks. The cracks were showing. Was a dynasty crumbling?

The final few days, then, were in some ways a microcosm of their season: The Warriors reassembled a pieces. They commend how frail this all is, how singular their opportunity. And if they indispensable a reminder, they got one in Game 2 when DeMarcus Cousins, their starting center, tore a quadriceps muscle. He will expected skip a rest of a postseason. In his absence, a rest of them will go on — with an bargain that this run will not final forever.

“We comprehend how propitious we are to do this,” pronounced Klay Thompson, their All-Star sharpened guard. “Leave it out there. Nothing’s ever guaranteed in a future, so play to win now and do it collectively.”

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