The Warriors’ Game 3 win highlights their Stephen Curry-Kevin Durant conundrum

We have a year of justification that these Warriors, while versatile, cite to play a joyous character of basketball.

They’re not selfish — quite a opposite, in fact. Golden State will demeanour to share a stone with everybody to a fault, ignoring that they’re during their best if Curry is a pushing force.

They’re excellent in a halfcourt, as 7 true wins in a postseason would indicate. 

More than anything — even some-more than chucking 28-foot 3-pointers — they wish to get out and run. They wish Curry to be heading a break, shooters on a wings, a large rolling to a rim, with a invulnerability forced to collect from a smorgasbord of poisons.

But they can also get bogged down in their possess complexities when they’re not in transition.

Durant was superb in a half-court, finishing with 38 points and 13 rebounds, nonetheless a Warriors had only 17 assists. Utah was calm to let Durant try to do it on his own.

Snyder himself certified that was a plan during his third-quarter interview. “As tough as it is to see him make shots, they’re two-point shots, and infrequently they’re unassisted shots. To be honest, I’m not going to contend they’re good results, though I’m some-more endangered with a transition defense,” a Jazz manager pronounced when asked about Durant’s clever showing.

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