The trailer for Michael Phelps vs. a good white shark is absurd; video

Last month it was announced that Michael Phelps, a biggest Olympian of all-time, would be racing a good white shark this month as partial of “Shark Week”.

Yes, it is a genuine thing. And Discovery Channel only forsaken a genuine trailer for a useful (?) event.

Dubbed “Phelps vs. Shark: The conflict for sea supremacy”, it’s tough not to grin while examination this overly thespian trailer. Discovery Channel is really going a heavyweight quarrel track for a graduation of this ancestral (?) event.

While Discovery Channel is still gripping sum of a “race” on a down-low (Will Phelps be corresponding a shark? Will it be a practical race? How prolonged of a stretch will they swim?), we’re certain they’re doing so to build torment and fad for it.

One thing is sure, we’ll substantially be tuning in to Discovery Channel along with we on Jul 23 during 8 p.m. to see if a biggest swimmer ever has a possibility opposite a ocean’s biggest predator.

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