The State of a Spurs After 10 Games

Like a initial 100 days of any presidency, a initial 10 games of a deteriorate are some-more rite than substance. It’s still too early to scrupulously sign a team’s arena toward a probable playoff seed. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to speculate. As it stands today, a San Antonio Spurs are in initial place in a Southwest Division during 6 wins to 4 losses. In fact, usually a Golden State Warriors, Portland Trail Blazers, Denver Nuggets, and Oklahoma City Thunder have improved annals than a Spurs in a Western Conference.

Unfortunately, that initial place multiplication station can dramatically change in subsequent 10 games since 6 of a Spurs’ subsequent 10 opponents now have a winning record, that includes tough teams like Golden State and Milwaukee only to name a few. It doesn’t even embody a Houston Rockets, who came into a deteriorate with high expectations and could spin things around anytime. Three of a subsequent 10 games are opposite multiplication opponents too. Key waste could plunge a Spurs down a standings, so hopefully they can find some coherence on invulnerability that will also interpret toward a win column.

Given a outrageous register turnover due to trades, giveaway agency, and retirement, a Spurs’ stream record is both a pleasing warn and a springboard to aloft expectations. Of course, approach (way) before any picturesque dreams of a pretension end or even contention pretension aspirations, we should initial demeanour during a Spurs’ picturesque chances during claiming a Southwest Division.

What do we consider Pounders? Who is a biggest challenger to a Spurs in a Southwest Division? Will it be a Memphis Grizzlies’ law Grit ‘N Grind style, Anthony Davis and a New Orleans Pelicans, a slow-out-of-the-gates though gifted Houston Rockets, or a long-shot Dallas Mavericks who might or might not already be in lottery-tank mode?

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