The Rise, Fall and Soon to Be Resurrection of Shinsuke Nakamura in WWE

Shinsuke Nakamura is prepared to miscarry in a final few months of 2017.Credit:

Only 7 months into his categorical register run, Shinsuke Nakamura has already gifted several peaks and pitfalls in WWE, though his rebirth during Survivor Series 2017 will safeguard he fulfills his full intensity as one of a biggest stars a association has ever seen.

It was clear as shortly as he arrived in NXT in Apr 2016 and contested a match-of-the-year claimant with Sami Zayn that he was firm for super stardom. He remained a prohibited commodity via his one year army in NXT, that saw him turn a two-time NXT champion and face off with a shining likes of Austin Aries, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe.

By WrestleMania 33, Nakamura was prolonged overdue for a call-up to a categorical roster, and on Apr 4, he done his rarely expected opening on SmackDown Live. On that night, he left a durability sense on a WWE Universe by his enthralling opening and monumental presence, never observant a singular word.

The argument that was teased between himself and The Miz would have been a best approach to deliver a former IWGP Heavyweight champion to a categorical register audience, though instead, he was placed in a module with Dolph Ziggler, who hasn’t meant many in several years.

While it was correct of WWE to reason off on Nakamura wrestling his initial televised compare until a Backlash pay-per-view, a buildup to a hitch was less-than-stellar. His promos, that weren’t his clever fit in NXT, unprotected his stipulations on a microphone, and many of a element he and Ziggler were given to work with was sincerely forgettable.

Their initial confront during Backlash, despite well-wrestled, unsuccessful to showcase Nakamura like a categorical eventuality actor he is. After struggling to sojourn applicable for so long, Ziggler should not have as scored as many offense as he did over Nakamura, and a rival foe was a initial pointer WWE might not know accurately how to hoop him.


Although his adversary with Ziggler didn’t flog off his SmackDown army on a tip of notes, Nakamura was mostly stable in a months that followed.

He and AJ Styles clashed in an memorable impulse in a categorical eventuality of Money in a Bank, he kick Baron Corbin by suspension during Battleground and he notched a outrageous feat contra John Cena on Jul 25. All of these things contributed to Nakamura’s duration rise, with it appearing that a WWE Championship power was in his clear future.

Not usually was his SummerSlam tour opposite Jinder Mahal next par, he unsuccessful to travel divided with a WWE pretension during a Aug extravaganza. By that point, it was clear that Mahal was not a good fit as champion and wasn’t bettering to a purpose as good as officials had hoped, though that didn’t stop them from gripping a bullion on him for a while longer.


If not SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell would have been an ideal time for Nakamura to emerge winning in his second shot during a strap. That compare was equally deplorable and once again finished with Mahal maintaining his title, serve devaluing Nakamura’s batch on a SmackDown roster.

That better didn’t do permanent damage, though it did means him to remove a small bit of a dash he had before. He could have been in approach worse figure if WWE showed no seductiveness in pulling him over that event, though he fast competent for Team SmackDown during Survivor Series by violence Kevin Owens on Oct. 31.

That marquee compare pitting Raw opposite SmackDown will underline important names such as Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, John Cena, Finn Balor, Randy Orton and others, so he will have a possibility to massage elbows with some of WWE’s many chosen athletes and infer because he deserves to be among that tip row of talent.

All eyes are on Survivor Series during a moment, though once a Raw vs. SmackDown adversary wraps up, Nakamura can continue to be focused on in a residue of a year. The blue code will horde another disdainful event, Clash of Champions, on Dec. 17, and maybe there he can get behind on lane with a win opposite someone such as Owens or Zayn.

Thankfully, WWE hasn’t had Nakamura and Styles do conflict in singles competition, as that is a hitch best saved for a theatre like WrestleMania. In fact, a 2018 open philharmonic would be a ideal place to lift a trigger on that dream match, generally if Styles is still in possession of a WWE pretension by afterwards and Nakamura can conduct to come out on tip in a 2017 Royal Rumble.

Regardless of what WWE has in store for The Artist around WrestleMania season, he will find his approach behind to a categorical eventuality stage and concrete his standing as a long-lived WWE Championship size aspirant before long.


Graham Mirmina, aka Graham “GSM” Matthews, is an Endicott College alumnus and determined journalist. Visit his website, Next Era Wrestling, and “like” his official Facebook page to continue a conversation on all things wrestling.

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