The Refreshingly Candid Brittany Lang Talks Golf, Life And The Power of Perspective

There’s a observant in a Lone Star State, “I wasn’t innate in Texas, though we got here as quick as we could.”

Such is a box of thirteen-year LPGA maestro and Texas transplant Brittany Lang, who is competing on her home territory during a Volunteers of America® LPGA Texas Classic during Old American Golf Club this week.

Lang bounced into her press discussion embellished out with state of Texas earrings, Texas dwindle fingernails, and a lovely flawlessness that’s singular during these events. In an sourroundings where athletes mostly heave delicately crafted soundbites, she was all about gripping it real.

After extolling a virtues of barbecue, Tex-Mex and a new contest venue, Lang spoke frankly about her new muted performance. A noted change, quite after an considerable 2016 U.S. Open win.

The Ups, The Downs, The Balance

Brittany Lang talks about a significance of staying certain in golf during a Volunteers of America® LPGA Texas Classic.

“Golf is a funny, tough game. It’s been very, unequivocally frustrating, generally after we strech a mountaintop (the U.S. Open). You know, as golfers, we investigate everything, generally when you’re so high and we play so poorly. And we don’t have an answer,” Lang said. “The usually thing we can contend is after we won The Open, we didn’t take unequivocally many time off in a off-season, since we was vehement about my success and wanted to keep going. And we got unequivocally burnt out early.”

After a fibre of missed cuts, instead of violence herself up, Lang motionless to change her mindset and her approach.

“I started focusing on being some-more certain and only operative smarter. we stopped examining and adding things,” Lang said. “That’s a thing out here. You could skip 7 cuts and win a subsequent week. It’s only how it is. But, we have to stay certain and keep operative to get better.”

She also did something she hadn’t finished for dual years—work with a golf coach.

“For me, each time we work with a coach, we get worse. we really don’t have a perfect, essentially sound golf swing, like many of these girls do. we grew adult overhanging during 8 and we have a same swing,” Lang said. “I consider when we get with coaches, we get too technical. we consider being jaunty and honoring that helped me win a U.S. Open. But, during a same time, it’s harm me these final integrate of years with my fundamentals. You need a good balance.”

WEST DES MOINES, IA – AUGUST 19: Brittany Lang of Team USA plays a shot during a second day afternoon fourball matches of The Solheim Cup during Des Moines Golf and Country Club on Aug 19, 2017 in West Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Lang started operative with well-known, Dallas-based golf opening manager Cameron McCormick final September.

“I have substantially taken 5 lessons with him and he’s unbelievable,” she said. “If you’re technical, he can work that way. If you’re not, he can assistance you. we consider he’s only so intelligent and fantastic.”

But, as many as Lang is a fan of McCormick, she’s coming a lessons on her terms—as periodic, incremental tune-ups.

“I have 5 opposite things he wants me doing and, until those are digested, we don’t feel like we need to go back. So, substantially a few months until we go and see him again,” she said.

As always, Lang is honoring who she is—an contestant with a healthy present who has a wins to infer it.

Staying Focused On What’s Important In Life

At a developed aged age of 32, Lang has a majority and self-awareness good over her years. She pronounced that her matrimony to Kevin Spann, who due to her during this LPGA eventuality behind in 2013, has essentially altered her perspective.

“When we see a rookies, golf is everything. That’s all they know,” she said. “As we get older, your will and your glow isn’t as strong. If we don’t make this birdie or skip this cut, my life’s flattering good. It really gives we perspective, meaningful we have somebody there for we in your corner.”

But, don’t consider for a notation that Lang doesn’t wish to win this week, in front of her family, friends and ever-growing fan base. Or that she doesn’t consider she can “conquer a mountain” again.

“My ideal golf day? we would substantially contend Sunday, U.S. Open, final group, and we have a 10-shot lead,” Lang said.

Her walk-off song?

“God Bless Texas.”

Of course.

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