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For a top-ranked male on a planet, a “rest day” still means 30 mins of cardio.

There was a time where few people would brave cruise regulating a tenure “world-class athlete” and “golfer” in a same breath. The sport’s required knowledge was that time in a weight room meant reduction time on a pushing range, and as aficionados of John Daly’s on-course antics know well, golfers were a guys with whom we competence squeeze a burger and a beer—not perfectionists endangered with executing their subsequent set of energetic warm-ups.

Thanks to innovations in golf record and practice science, however, complicated Tour golfers belong to perplexing strength training programs that have been specifically designed for their sport. No golfer exemplifies this trend improved than Dustin Johnson, who recently became a fifth male in story to reason a tip mark in a Official World Golf Rankings for a full calendar year. There are fundamentally no days off for a 32-year-old, who is used to training 6 days a week—and for whom a “rest day” still means 30 mins of cardio, during a unequivocally least.

“Athletes like Tiger, Dustin, Rory [McIlroy], Brooks [Koepka], and Adam [Scott] have helped us all with a idea that golfers shouldn’t be fearful of overtraining,” says Joey Diovisalvi, Johnson’s trainer. Instead, he says, “The training customarily needs to be consistent.” We held adult with Johnson during a new fire for BodyArmor Lyte sports drink, with whom he maintains a partnership, to plead his no-days-off proceed to training; Tiger Woods’ purpose in creation golf cool; and what stairs a competition can take to make itself some-more appealing and permitted to infrequent fans everywhere.

GQ: What led to your preference to start operative with Joey?

Dustin Johnson: For me, strength training was an vicious aspect of being an chosen athlete. Before this, we trained, yet we competence have worked out for 3 weeks and thereafter taken a month off. It was never consistent. After we finished a year and wasn’t happy with a approach my training was going, we felt that removing on a report was something we could urge off a golf course.

What were some of a evident changes we noticed?

With golf, it’s all about consistency—you wish to feel a same out there. The some-more we train, a stronger we feel, and a some-more mentally tough we become. For me, operative out has as many to do with a mental aspect as it does a earthy benefits. Working tough in a gym gives me certainty that when I’m on a course, even if it’s been a prolonged day out there, we can know that I’m going to feel a same when we finish as we did when we started.

What is your opinion about those in a comparison era who criticize younger golfers for spending too many time in a gym?

If we demeanour behind during a final generation, a tip 5 or 10 guys all worked out. They competence not have talked about it as much, and their training maybe wasn’t as concerned as it is now, yet a tip guys were definitely working. Nowadays, a standard golfer is bigger, stronger, and some-more athletic. It’s customarily turn a some-more jaunty sport.

I consider a lot of that has to do with Tiger. He was a initial member of a era to move a gym into play. He put golf on a map in a lot of ways, and done it cold for everybody to play. Even when we was flourishing up, golf was still a nerdy or dorky sport. It started to turn a cold towards a finish of my high propagandize years, and that’s mostly given of him.

During contest play, do we adjust a power turn of your workouts?

For me, it doesn’t vary, either I’m training on a highway or during home. The customarily time it competence change a bit is during offseason workouts—they competence get a small some-more intense, given that’s a time we can try to put on strength. But a tangible workouts during a offseason are flattering many a same ones we do during a year.

What do your workouts demeanour like during a week?

It all depends on my tee times, yet I’ll customarily be in a gym for dual hours before we tee off. I’ll do a 20-minute warm-up, and thereafter will sight whatever flesh organisation we’re focused on that day. If we have an afternoon tee time, I’ll sight in a morning, yet I’ll still go in dual hours before we play and do another warm-up, customarily to get my physique lax and prepared to go. Afterwards, I’ll stretch.

How did your diet change when we began operative with Joey?

I’ve always been good with nutrition, yet a some-more we work out, a some-more we learn. we hired a cook by a Masters about 5 years ago, and we unequivocally favourite her and schooled a lot from her—she worked with a Atlanta Falcons, and with a lot of other athletes, too. Now, we have a cook who travels with me about 10 times a year, that helps me get what we need when we need it.

I also started profitable some-more courtesy to hydration. Given a volume of time I’m operative out and on a course, staying hydrated is vicious for me. we take in lots of fluids via a day—a ton of water, and a few of a BodyArmor Lyte sports drinks, too.

What are we eating during a normal day?

Breakfast is customarily oatmeal, and blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries. It can also be an egg white omelet, maybe with some quinoa. Before a golf course, we eat an almond butter-and-jelly sandwich. we have a sports splash on a course, and if we eat out there, it’s customarily a protein bar. After golf, if we have my cook with me, I’ll have a play of quinoa, veggies, chicken, or fish. That would be my break afterwards. For dinner, it’s always fish, veggies, and brownish-red rice or quinoa.

What’s a rest day for you?

Usually, my rest days are Sundays, or if I’m traveling, a transport day is a rest day. we still try and get something in, though, either it’s 30 mins on a bike, or a small cardio session.

How do we demeanour out for signs of overtraining?

You have to listen to your body. If you’re too sleepy in a center of your workout, stop. we consider that’s when we get into overtraining—you get harm when we try and pull by fatigue. I’m unequivocally good during listening to what my physique is revelation me. If I’m not feeling it, we’ll cgange a examination accordingly.

Does this era of some-more jaunty golfers assistance beget seductiveness from infrequent fans, generally as they learn some-more about a credentials it takes for golfers to perform during their best?

I consider so. One other thing that will assistance is if we speed a diversion adult a bit. Right now, when we embody a time it takes to comfortable up, you’re looking during a five-hour day, and many people don’t have 4 or 5 hours to spare. If we could get a routine down to 3 hours, maybe some-more people would go out and play 18 holes. we consider time is a large emanate right now for infrequent golfers.

I still feel that we’re in a good place right now, though. Especially with all this immature talent, we’re bringing a lot of seductiveness behind to a diversion of golf.

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