The Open: Henrik Stenson win matches or bests Tiger Woods’ excellent vital outings

Tiger Woods is a bullion customary opposite whom any form of complicated golf mastery is measured.

We do it distant too mostly to a world’s tip players, observant how guys like Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day skip some-more cuts than Woods ever did or that they don’t win as mostly as Woods did in his prime. It’s utterly astray to review careers to Woods considering, for a decade in that he was in his healthy prime, he was unfathomably widespread and consistent.

Woods is a bar and it’s singular that anyone reaches him, many reduction surpasses him, even when looking during a mastery of a singular event. Woods’ performances during a 2000 U.S. Open during Pebble Beach and 2000 Open Championship during St. Andrews are dual of a many widespread singular contest performances we’ve ever seen in golf, and were mostly suspicion to never be matched.

The numbers contend that what Henrik Stenson did during a 145th Open Championship this week equaled or surpassed Woods’ performances.

Stenson’s 20-under 264 pennyless Woods’ Open Championship scoring record to standard of 19 under, set during St. Andrews in 2000, and pennyless Greg Norman’s total scoring record of 267. Stenson also equaled a vital championship singular turn record of 63 on Sunday, that will go down as one of a all-time good final turn performances.

Woods’ U.S. Open performance, when he finished during 12 underneath and 15 strokes forward of second-place is lauded as a many widespread display ever. The margin normal that year was 17 over, definition he kick that by 29 strokes. Stenson during this year’s Open shot 20-under with a margin normal of 9 over — 29 strokes.

Is Stenson going to go on a 2000 Tiger Woods-like run? No — well, substantially not. Is Stenson as good as Tiger Woods? No, that’s not what I’m saying.

What I’m observant is, for 4 days in Scotland, Henrik Stenson put together one of — if not a — biggest vital championship performances. That deserves to be famous and saluted.

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