The Oddity Of Dustin Johnson As The People’s Choice At The Players Championship

Dustin Johnson is a world’s series one golfer. Typically, fans of a competition base for an underdog. But Johnson is a usually No.1 PGA Tour golfer to never finish in a tip 25 during The Players Championship. The best Johnson has finished during The Players is final year’s tie for 28th.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL – MAY 12: Dustin Johnson of a United States plays his shot from a third tee during a second turn of a THE PLAYERS Championship during a Stadium march during TPC Sawgrass on May 12, 2017 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Going into Moving Day Saturday, Johnson is tied for 43rd place.

Why is The Players so bedeviling to a male that won his initial Major during Oakmont final year, already amassed 15 PGA Tour titles, and comes into winning and personification well?

The answer is deceptively simply. The march takes divided one of his biggest strengths – a prolonged round off a tee. The internal paper unprotected a unattractive though required strategy: “Dustin Johnson knows that throttling behind on energy is a trail to The Players Championship.” [1] Bombing 350-yard drives can put him in some revengeful roughs. So a forced taming of his expostulate leaves Johnson attack his second shot along with everybody else.

Taking divided a expostulate advantage means a remaining aspects of a diversion are keys to winning. And of march a pivotal anyway is putting. At this point, Johnson is approach down a list. In fact, as of May 7th Johnson was tied for 50th.  A Johnson putting epiphany is rarely unlikely.

Yet Johnson needs no sign to stay a march on a ethereal strategy. He knows Bubba Watson can strike a prolonged round too. But Bubba missed a cut.

That joyless foresee is because we have a additional rooting seductiveness for him. we cite new story to story repeating itself. Transformations are some-more engaging than progressing a standing quo.

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