The Match with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson has the initial hype video

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are personification for $9 million subsequent month in Las Vegas. That most is set in mill for The Match, and a few some-more sum emerged Thursday with a recover of a initial promo video.

So we have a reliable date for Nov. 23, a day after Thanksgiving, during Steve Wynn’s super-expensive Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, and we know it’ll be accessible on Bleacher Report Live.

Now we have a bit of rabble speak for a compare that mislaid some of a allure with Woods and Mickelson going a total 0-6 during a Ryder Cup.

“Easiest $9 million I’ve ever made,” Mickelson says.

“We’re gonna kick any other’s smarts in,” Woods counters.

The 30-second mark is all set to some discerning cuts with Jurassic 5’s “What’s Golden” as a soundtrack.

There’s still no word on a cost tab to watch these guys go head-to-head in a dried and a lot of a sum still have to be sorted out with The Match reduction than dual months away.

It substantially would have finished beast viewership 10-15 years ago though there are legitimate questions about a turn of interest now, with Woods and Mickelson apropos some-more publicly accessible in new years.

Woods non-stop as a -180 betting favorite and is even some-more heavily-favored now after he won a Tour Championship during East Lake in a final week of a PGA Tour season. They played a use turn together before a Ryder Cup and Mickelson jokingly pronounced he was perplexing to negotiate a shot a side with how good Woods had been personification lately.

Obviously these dual are past their primes and didn’t play good in France, though during a finish of a day it’s still Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson putting it all on a line for 18 holes in what should be rather of a philharmonic in Las Vegas.

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