The Lakers are flourishing adult together as a trade deadline looms

8:32 AM ET

OKLAHOMA CITY — Brandon Ingram was using indicate and staring down Carmelo Anthony defensively, rejecting Melo’s shot as if he were a decrepit oldster who knew what pierce was coming.

Julius Randle was personification brag round opposite an Oklahoma City Thunder organisation that had pushed and intimidated a Los Angeles Lakers twice this season.

Brook Lopez was knocking down 3-pointers, restraint shots and even dishing assists. Rookie Josh Hart was volatile as if he were a 7-footer on a team. And Jordan Clarkson supposing his solid tide of offense off a bench.

As Thursday’s trade deadline fast approaches, a Lakers wrapped adult an 11-day, five-game outing — one that felt as if it would never finish — with one of their signature wins of a season. Without Lonzo Ball, a Lakers’ stirring dissapoint feat in Oklahoma City on Sunday over a organisation that had dominated them by 24 and 37 points in their dual prior meetings was simply one of their best.

“Just resilient,” Randle said. “It’s a good win for us. We are flourishing adult as a group.”

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  • After a 108-104 feat over Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Anthony, a Lakers bloody The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Going Back to Cali” in a really confident locker room. They were streamer behind to a West Coast with a feat that competence arrange usually behind progressing wins over Houston and Boston this season.

    If this immature Lakers organisation is indeed flourishing adult as a unit, it stays to be seen if government will concede it to keep sappy together. It’s a good gamble that Magic Johnson’s and Rob Pelinka’s cellphones will be toll some-more and some-more as a trade deadline gets closer. Vets like Randle and Clarkson substantially will continue to pull seductiveness from contenders who can assistance Los Angeles get closer to a idea of clearing some-more top space to emporium in giveaway agency.

    These Lakers, though, put aside a doubt of a destiny and saw what they’re able of doing when they play together, focused and inspired.

    Sunday’s diversion was fun to watch. That hasn’t always been a case, generally with Ball out. The Lakers didn’t behind down opposite a reigning MVP, as Westbrook went for 36 points and 9 assists while perplexing to slice down a edge whenever he could. They flinched though didn’t overlay when George scored 7 points in a final dual and a half mins and scarcely rallied a Thunder during a end, rupturing a 10-point Lakers lead to 3 with 24 seconds left.

    Perhaps many important, they didn’t concede Steven Adams to pull them around again like a stadium brag that he can be. The Lakers hold Adams to 5 rebounds, this after a Thunder core outrebounded a whole Lakers’ starting 5 and scarcely had as many descent rebounds (seven) as a Lakers’ starters had sum rebounds (eight) a final time they played in OKC.

    “We got pushed around again today, that is excellent as prolonged as we pull back,” pronounced conduct manager Luke Walton, who gathering a indicate home to his organisation that they had to be physical. “That is when it is fun, guys going during any other, though a initial dual times it was only them pulling us. We stayed clever and fought back.”

    Even but their harmed rookie playmaking indicate guard, a Lakers common a round with purpose as they regularly found areas in a Oklahoma City invulnerability that they wanted to attack. Six Lakers, including a starting five, scored in double figures.

    No one knows what a destiny binds for a Lakers this deteriorate or either Randle, Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr. or any other Laker who has been mentioned in trade rumors will sojourn in purple and bullion by Thursday night, when they horde a Thunder for a final assembly between a teams this season. Those 3 have finished their best to retard out a rumors and keep playing.

    At times this season, a Lakers have looked like a mess; a organisation that was going to detonate due to a bargain that government will make changes this summer. This immature register can still furnish some of a misfortune stinkers you’ll see, as it did only 3 games ago when a Lakers mislaid to a Orlando Magic, who had entered that diversion carrying forsaken 20 of 23 games.

    And afterwards they can do what they did Sunday and mount adult to a star-powered Oklahoma City Thunder.

    Several of these Lakers know they competence not be on this organisation subsequent deteriorate after Magic and Pelinka go selling in giveaway agency. The players don’t know what will occur this week.

    No matter what this week holds, a Lakers saw what they’re able of doing together when during their best, and they enjoyed one another like a organisation whose bond seems to be flourishing tighter.

    After a locker room scarcely privileged out, Ingram talked about because he kept personification by a bruise groin damage that continued to worry him.

    “This diversion currently meant some-more to my teammates than anything,” Ingram said. “So it was critical for me to stay out there.”

    Now, we wait to see if everybody stays a Laker for a residue of a season.

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