The IOC’s Pro-Olympics Propaganda Video Is As Shameless As It Gets

Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi (Getty)

You wish to see some shit? Here’s some shit, pleasantness of a International Olympic Committee:

Here we have a neat bit of propaganda, finish with a soft-voiced exegesis and simplified infographics that are so critical to a form, that endeavors to explain because hosting a Olympics is definitely not a financially incriminating preference for many cities on a planet. Be certain to hang around for a elation of trickle-down economics.

Nobody who has review a singular essay about a economics of a Olympics needs it explained to them that a IOC is not a infallible source of information on a topic, only as nobody who has taken a ninth-grade econ category needs it explained to them that anyone perplexing to surveillance a virtues of trickle-down economics in 2018 should substantially be arrested. But, fine, let’s take this video during a word, that is that things are different now, and that a IOC has gotten smarter about a formulation and organizing of a games in ways that will keep cities out of a red. If that’s a case, afterwards certainly Tokyo, a horde of a 2020 Olympics and a vast complicated city with copiousness of existent infrastructure, can act as a explanation of concept. Let’s check in on that:

A news only expelled by a inhabitant government’s Board of Audit shows Japan is expected to spend $25 billion to ready a games, and a final series could go even higher.

This is scarcely a four-fold boost over Tokyo’s winning bid in 2013, that a news pronounced projected costs of 829 billion yen, or $7.3 billion during a stream sell rate of 113 yen to a dollar.


But a good lady in a video adult there pronounced this wasn’t ostensible to happen! How do we explain this?

Spokesman Masa Takaya pronounced expenditures listed such as “inbound tourism, highway constructions, funding for formulating a hydrogen society, and even improving correctness of continue forecasts with improved satellites,” should not be deliberate Olympic expenses.

The review news also faulted Tokyo organizers for incompatible other losses from a budget. The news pronounced these came to about 650 billion yen ($5.6 billion) and enclosed things like: repairs to existent buildings; confidence costs; a cost of using doping facilities.

It pronounced a organizing committee’s Dec bill did “not simulate all a costs associated to a operation of a event.”


Ah, so we see, a good lady was revelation a truth. The Olympics won’t cost a dime to horde as prolonged as we repudiate that a infancy of a required expenditures are associated to a Olympics. The numbers simply do not lie.

h/t Aaron

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