The karma of Alabama football

Ole Miss football is zero if not fun to us right now. Despite slow NCAA sanctions, notwithstanding a obnoxiously finished debate around athletes transferring out of a program, notwithstanding a annoyance caused by a ashamed former conduct coach, Ole Miss is still sparkling and interesting. In fact, Ole Miss competence be more exciting right now than it has been over a past few years, precisely because of a aforementioned setbacks. Ole Miss is a module that plays a really weird, defense-optional code of football that is bolstered by one of a some-more gifted offenses in a Southeastern Conference. And, with no NCAA postseason to play for, a group and a fans aren’t impeded by a feeling of carrying to “play for” something, other than particular wins and waste on a schedule.

This Saturday night, Ole Miss plays No. 1 Alabama. Alabama is, again, a easy collect to win a inhabitant title. The Crimson Tide is distant some-more gifted and able than Ole Miss is, though Ole Miss competence only be indeterminate enough, with so small to lose, that we could be assured to perform a thought that a Rebels could put a shock into Alabama and, even if not rising victorious, could make Saturday’s diversion interesting.

This is us revelation ourselves that this won’t finish a approach we know it will end. This is us shouting in death’s face.

We are a dual friends coping with one’s imminent passing as told by Jason Isbell in “Elephant”:

We only splash a drinks and giggle out loud

And dog about a weekend crowd

And try to omit a elephant somehow

As a annual assembly between a Rebels and a Crimson Tide has gained additional inhabitant courtesy due to a former’s successes opposite a latter in 2014 and ‘15 (and roughly ‘16!), a good understanding is being finished of this compare up. There is some amour here, if a college football punditry is to be believed. Ole Miss, says Sports Illustrated, is one of a “agents of chaos” in college football, and could means a championship contender, such as Alabama, to trip up. ESPN asks if a high-flying Ole Miss offense can “soar opposite a Crimson Tide.” Alabama, for their part, is still dealing with special teams woes, and spent a whole summer embroiled in a real-deal quarterback controversy. Nick Saban was worried adequate by this to be brief (pun intended) with an ESPN sideline correspondent (for which, to his credit, he’s given apologized).

As a meditative would go, Alabama competence be rather vulnerable, and Ole Miss competence only be indeterminate and able adequate to display a Tide’s vulnerabilities. It’s an engaging thought to entertain.

But we all know what’s indeed going to happen. We know how this ends.

In an iteration of a competition that is distinguished for it’s viewed craziness and unpredictability, college football has turn remarkably unchanging with a participation of Nick Saban’s Alabama teams. For a improved partial of a decade, this module has, some-more mostly than not, courted a tip recruiting class, posted double-digit deteriorate win totals, won a Southeastern Conference championship, and won whatever iteration of a inhabitant championship final routine was placed before them. That final part, they’ve even managed to do twice without winning a conference. And they do it with a many predictable, plodding, fit character of football imaginable.

Take, for example, their deteriorate opener opposite Louisville, in that they scored a ho-hum 51 points, doing so by scoring in any entertain – 14, 14, 17, and 7, respectively. Louisville never led, and never even so many as hinted during entertainment any arrange of quip – Alabama somehow sensitively led by 34 before Louisville got their initial score. The Tide only effectively and methodically scored, and kept their competition from scoring. We all saw it coming, we all knew how it was going to end, and Alabama simply valid a premonition right.

Nick Saban’s Alabama is a Persian army staring down a 300 Spartans during a conflict of Thermopylae. We applaud a Spartans for their courage and their spirit, their eagerness to glance genocide in a face and not behind down, though in doing so we mostly forget that a Spartans died – each final damn one of them. They were never going to improved Xerxes, and they knew this.

Saturday’s diversion is going to play out accurately as we expected consider it will, only as a rest of a college football deteriorate will. Alabama will kick Ole Miss, will many expected win a Southeastern Conference, and will many expected win a College Football Playoff after dispatching a Clemson an Oklahoma or an Ohio State. There’s a not-insignificant possibility that all 3 of these premonitions are not realized, though they are flattering arguable premonitions with good reason.

This is what Nick Saban and Alabama have finished to college football. They’ve given a competition an inescapable, deadly quality. Via Spencer Hall:

[Nick Saban’s] mutation of Alabama into a ratings-killing certainty so rough it competence have blacked out a object for an whole era of rickets-stricken coaches and players is complete. There is no composition opposite him. He will outwork we or sinecure people to outwork we and a people we hire. No one is some-more committed to building Football Walmart and bankrupting your mom-and-pop programs. No one.

Give adult on this thought of doing his thing better…Life is about being dauntless in a face of destined doom.

Bravery in a face of destined doom is what we’re doing around here. We’re deliberating Ole Miss’ new successes opposite Alabama, a Rebels’ high-octane offense, and reasonably asking what “success” is for this weekend. We are interesting a thought that we can assistance college football shun a anaconda’s hold that Alabama has on a sport. Our premonition tells us it’s over, though a courage and a will to tarry this tell us something altogether. That’s because we keep fighting and anticipating for a improved outcome, and convincing ourselves that a destined is avoidable.

But, during some point, a anaconda’s plant gives in. It accepts a inevitable.

I’ve buried her a thousand times, given adult my place in line

But we don’t give a damn about that now

There’s one thing that’s genuine transparent to me: No one dies with dignity

We only try to omit a elephant somehow

We only try to omit a elephant somehow

We only try to omit a elephant somehow

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