The hits and misses of Rangers drafts during Daniels era

The MLB First-Year Player Draft isn’t distinct any other kind of actor acquisition.

There’s wish that comparison players will work out, only as there is wish that giveaway agents and players from trades will spin into peculiarity deals, too.

The flip side is a risk that comes with new players. There are no guarantees that an ace high propagandize pitcher will rise into a Cy Young candidate, only as there are no guarantees that a target of a six-year agreement will be a star.

Jon Daniels has seen a good and a bad from a breeze during his energy as Texas Rangers ubiquitous manager. The 2018 draft, that starts Monday, is a 13th of a Daniels Era, and subsequent are some of a good picks and some of a not-so-good.

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The good

Chris Davis, 1B, 2006, fifth round, Navarro College: The slugger ascended fast to a Rangers, removing called adult in 2008, though woes a subsequent 3 seasons finished a Rangers impatient. He was shipped to Baltimore in the Koji Uehara trade in 2011 and became a star with a Orioles. Though he has had some-more highs than lows, Davis has been one of a game’s tip energy hitters given 2012.

Derek Holland, LHP, 2006, 25th round, Wallace State CC: Holland didn’t have many hum until he started popping 97 mph with his fastball in 2007. The Rangers didn’t rush him in 2008 and let him start in a minors in 2009. They dangled him during a trade deadline that year for Roy Halladay, who didn’t approve a trade from Toronto. Holland was a tie on a pitching staff on a World Series teams, though a array of injuries commencement in 2014 overshadowed his Rangers tenure.

Mitch Moreland, 1B, 2007, 17th round, Mississippi State: The Rangers gave Moreland a possibility to continue his pitching in his initial year in a system, though he ditched a pile for a possibility to play each day. He was an outfielder in 2010 before a Rangers motionless a indispensable a initial baseman after trade Justin Smoak and with Davis struggling. Moreland became a workable initial baseman when healthy, winning a Gold Glove in 2016, and has 20-homer power.

Kyle Hendricks, RHP, 2011, eighth round, Dartmouth: Hendricks was carrying a good deteriorate during High A Myrtle Beach in 2012 when a trade deadline approached. The division-leading Rangers felt they indispensable a starter after Colby Lewis was harmed entrance out of a All-Star break, and a Chicago Cubs had Ryan Dempster available. Hendricks and third baseman Christian Villanueva were sent to a Cubs. Dempster didn’t live adult to expectations, and Hendricks is a buttress in a Cubs’ rotation. Villanueva is a San Diego Padres’ third baseman.

Carl Edwards Jr., RHP, 2011, 48th round, Mid-Carolina HS (Prosperity, S.C.): Known as C.J. when a Rangers snagged him, Edwards became a prohibited awaiting during a wrong time for a Rangers, forward of a 2013 trade deadline. He was one of 4 players shipped for Matt Garza, as a Cubs again snookered a Rangers. Edwards is a pivotal bullpen square for a Cubs, and helped them tighten out their World Series pretension in 2016.

The misses

Matt Purke, LHP, 2009, 14th overall, Klein HS: This one was a doozy, and it indeed benefited TCU. The Rangers were, unbeknownst to most, in large financial trouble, and a pre-draft understanding Nolan Ryan cut with Purke for $6 million was not authorized by then-commissioner Bud Selig. The Rangers offering a max Selig would approve, $4 million, and Purke walked. He finished adult starring during TCU as a freshman, was slowed by injuries as a sophomore and now is toiling in a teenager leagues.

Kasey Kiker, LHP, 2007, 12th overall, Russell County HS (Phenix City, Ala): The Rangers finished adult with Kiker 4 spots after a Los Angeles Dodgers took Clayton Kershaw, dual picks after a San Francisco Giants comparison Tim Lincecum, and one collect after a Arizona Diamondbacks took Max Scherzer. All that contingent has finished is win 8 Cy Young awards. Kiker? His career came crashing down in 2010 and 2011.

Kevin Matthews, LHP, 2011, 33rd overall, Richmond Hill (Ga.) HS: One of a few drawbacks to signing Adrian Beltre in a off-season forward of a 2011 deteriorate is that a Rangers mislaid their first-round pick. They finished adult with a remuneration collect for losing Cliff Lee, and went with Matthews, Though tiny in stature, a Rangers raved about his athleticism, that would have been good if he hadn’t been a pitcher. Arm issues and off-the-field difficulty had Matthews out of ball before he ever reached Double A.

Michael Main, RHP, 2007, 24th overall, Deland (Fla.) HS: What does Main have in entrance with a other three, aside from never appearing in a majors with a Rangers? He and a others were high-upside, high-risk preps who didn’t vessel out. Main was dismantled by some injuries and only ineffectiveness. The Rangers cut ties with him in 2010 in a Bengie Molina trade.

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Dillon Tate, RHP, 2015, fourth overall, UC-Santa Barbara: Tate was a college pitcher, and a wish was that he would pierce fast by a system. He did, as the Rangers traded him in 2016 for Carlos Beltran for their playoff push. Tate didn’t do many with a Rangers other than perplex them. The feeling was mutual, and he is a rising awaiting for a New York Yankees. The Rangers’ scouting was correct, though team’s can not skip with a fourth altogether pick.

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