The Golden State Warriors Know Dynasties Aren’t Easy


Joe Lacob, a Warriors’ infancy owner, will always remember.

“You can’t be tellurian and lay there and be down large during halftime in Game 6 and Game 7 and not be nervous,” Lacob pronounced in a early moments of Saturday morning as he headed for a loading wharf during Quicken Loans Arena, carrying partaken usually quickly in a Warriors’ champagne-drenched spree in a visitors’ locker room.

“I was really really nervous. We’d never finished that before — Game 7 on a road.”

The Warriors, of course, survived their really critical Houston problems and eventually impressed a Cavaliers, as many expected, to launch a dynasty debates in earnest. They simply could have mislaid Game 1 and Game 3 to a undermanned Cavaliers in these finals, too, though story tends to shimmer over those sorts of sum as time passes.

The Warriors have so crept closer to a “light-years ahead” standing Lacob betimes admitted in an barbarous March 2016 talk with The New York Times Magazine. But that’s not a bad news for a rest of a N.B.A.

The genuine worry for a rest of a joining is that Lacob, sounding rather Steinbrenner-esque, does not seem satiated.

“Steve, Bob, all of the players — these guys should take a small break,” Lacob said, referring to his coach, Steve Kerr, and his ubiquitous manager, Bob Myers. “But there’s no rest for me.”

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