The Best Undrafted Free Agent in Every 2017 NFL Training Camp

    Eugene Tanner/Associated Press

    The normal fullback is solemnly easing into annihilation around a NFL. That’s because teams wish some-more out of their lead blocker. He needs to be partial blocker, and partial yard-churner after a catch.

    Or during smallest he needs to be means to locate passes often, and with confidence. The Baltimore Ravens mislaid arguably a league’s best fullback and a arguable pass-catcher when Kyle Juszczyk left for a San Francisco 49ers as a giveaway agent. Over a past 3 seasons, he held 97 of his 133 targets (a locate rate of 72.9) for 769 yards and 5 touchdowns.

    That’s a large grant from a position now lost by many teams. However, even for a Ravens, a pass-catching fullback isn’t value an investment of any significance. Which is because they incited to a UDFA marketplace and found their compare in former Oregon State application male Ricky Ortiz.

    The 23-year-old did whatever he indispensable to do for a Beavers if it meant removing on a field. That’s a vicious proceed to already have as an undrafted giveaway agent, as it’ll exhale life into Ortiz’s career.

    He was a fullback, parsimonious end, H-back and linebacker during Oregon State. But NFL teams, including a Ravens, were mostly meddlesome in slotting him in during fullback after a pass-catching ability he demonstrated during his pro day workout.

    As John Newby of observed, Ortiz looked gentle while using routes and accelerating after a catch.

    “He ran illusory routes and displayed critical hands,” wrote Newby. “The best locate of a day was on a join track where he held a pass in walk 25 yards downfield.”

    Ortiz has landed in a right place to residence a transparent need, that is a dream conditions for any undrafted giveaway agent. Now comes a tough part: Continuing to rise as a problem turn rises. 

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