The best NFL free-agency values, misfortune overpays of 2018

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NFL giveaway group reached rise frenzy before a signing duration strictly non-stop as teams embraced a confusingly-named “legal tampering” period.

Despite all a excitement, many rosters are a small worse off now than they were before. That’s given many abyss players sojourn unsigned, while many of a signings featured unfortunate teams overpaying to fill needs.

10 best value signings and a 10 misfortune overpays.

Worst overpays

1. Sammy Watkins, Kansas City Chiefs

Deal: Three years, $48 million

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  • The good news is that Watkins is young, gifted and fasten a group coached by Andy Reid, who excels during maximizing personnel. The bad news is that Watkins simply has not been really productive, a heading reason he is on his third group in 8 months.

    The Chiefs are profitable Watkins as yet he’s a certain bet. They were not a usually group peaceful to spend large for him. Dallas was also interested, as was Chicago. It seems like a box of teams valuing a actor formed some-more on their breeze reports than what a actor has finished given college.

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