The 1984 Olympics Were Bad For Poor Black People In Los Angeles

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Now that Los Angeles has won a bid to horde a 2028 Olympics, it seems as good a time as any to demeanour behind during what happened to a city when it final hosted a events. The 1984 Games were successful in L.A., in that they were essential for a horde city and didn’t leave behind a garland of ebbing stadiums eventually overtaken by weeds and wildlife like some stage out of The World Without Us.

While Los Angeles didn’t get broke itself hosting a 1984 Olympics, that doesn’t meant a city’s adults weren’t spoiled by it. The Los Angeles Police Department used a Olympics as a justification for ramping adult military nuisance of immature black and brownish-red Angelenos underneath a guise of providing confidence for a Olympics.


Max Felker-Kantor, essay in a Washington Post yesterday, forked out how a 1984 Olympics led to an increasing militarization of a police. As a 1984 Olympics neared, officials were endangered how a city’s problems with drug addiction, squad crime, and homelessness would seem to a unfamiliar delegations and a media. So, they burst down on African-American and Latino youth.

Using sovereign funds, a LAPD stocked adult on weapons, including appurtenance guns. They, in and with a FBI and a Los Angeles Sheriff Department, conducted large, unenlightened sweeps of squad members, drug addicts, and homeless people to “clean up” a area nearby a Coliseum.

The assertive policing did not finish once a Games were over and a unfamiliar delegations went home. Once law coercion was given some-more energy to ruthlessly aim bad people of tone in L.A., they didn’t accurately it palm it back:

These resources and strategy didn’t disappear when a athletes left town. They would continue to be used for assertive policing and punitive policies in a city’s many exposed communities in a years that followed. On Feb. 6, 1985, an LAPD SWAT group used a military-grade V-100 tank-like car perceived from a Olympics and versed with a 14-foot battering impel to pound down a wall of a suspected “rock house.” The officers found dual women and 3 children eating ice cream, no guns, a tiny volume of pot and no cocaine.

Three years later, a LAPD intent in large anti-gang sweeps famous as Operation Hammer, that led to a detain of 24,684 mostly African American youths, mostly but cause, and concerned detaining them for 24 hours in a specifically assembled holding trickery during a Coliseum. By a early 1990s, black group had slight hit with a rapist probity system. A investigate by a Los Angeles County Adult Detention Center found that scarcely a third of black group ages 20 to 29 in a county had been arrested during slightest once in 1991. Some observers have even related a effervescent displeasure over this discriminatory rapist probity system, that spilled over in a 1992 Los Angeles rebellion, to a 1984 Games.

We’ve got 10 years to find out only how badly a Olympics will fuck over a many marginalized adults of L.A.


[Washington Post]

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