The 10 Most Shocking Free-Agent Signings in NFL History

LeBron James is holding his talents to Hollywood and reaffirming all about today’s giveaway agency.

That notion? Seismic shifts in luminary activity can build contenders. They can concrete dynasties. They can change opposition change for a decade and hint debates that final even longer.

Nowhere is that truer than in a NFL, where actor talent swaps uniforms each offseason. It’s been that approach given unlimited giveaway group began in 1993 — and nonetheless usually a handful of top-shelf signings have held a amount courtesy a approach James’ pierce to a Lakers has.

So acknowledge it: It’s always bizarre to see a domicile NFL star travel out of a hovel in a opposite team’s jersey. Here are a 10 many intolerable free-agent moves in NFL history.

Honorable mention: Darrelle Revis to a Patriots (2015), Marcus Allen to a Chiefs (1993)

10. Kirk Cousins gets paid by a Vikings (2018)

Experts knew Kirk Cousins was staid to strike it abounding in giveaway agency. They knew a Vikings competence make a judicious fit, too. What they didn’t know — what we’re all still floored about — is a guarantee. His whole three-year understanding in Minnesota is fully-guaranteed. That hasn’t happened before in a NFL, though Cousins might’ve ushered in an wholly new epoch of quarterback compensation.

9. Rod Woodson signs with a Ravens (1998)

Woodson was a Steelers mainstay; a star cornerback done 7 Pro Bowl trips in 10 years in Pittsburgh. It was intolerable when a compensate brawl forced him out of Black and Yellow. And even some-more intolerable when he assimilated a opposition Ravens, creation their 2000 invulnerability an all-time mythological one.

8. Deion Sanders joins a Redskins (2000)

“Primetime” was past his primary when a ‘Skins done him their free-agent target. Their offer to a 32-year-old cornerback: A intolerable seven-year, $55 million deal. Sanders, who was expelled by a opposition Cowboys that offseason, accepted. Then he late in 2001.

7. Jerry Rice becomes a Raider (2001)

San Francisco insincere Rice would retire in red and bullion when they handed him a a five-year, $31.3 million agreement in 2000. When he was expelled for tip service a subsequent offseason, a group even offering him $1 million to never play for another group and call it a career. The G.O.A.T. had other skeleton — and exacted some punish when he sealed opposite a brook with Jon Gruden’s Raiders.

6. The Broncos win a Peyton Manning Sweepstakes (2012)

It was intolerable adequate that a fable like Peyton Manning would even strike giveaway agency. That select to group adult with John Elway — a usually (at a time) championship-winning Broncos quarterback — over all a other meddlesome teams was a bigger surprise. The cherry on top? Manning’s attainment single-handedly finished Tebowmania, jettisoning a Heisman Winner and fan favorite to a Jets immediately after heading Denver to a stirring playoff win.

5. The Redskins import Albert Haynesworth (2009)

Plenty of teams were peaceful to behind a Brinks lorry adult for Albert Haynesworth in 2009. The former All-Pro defensive tackle only went to a top bidder — a Washington Redskins — on an unheard of seven-year, $100 million deal. Want to be repelled some more? Haynesworth seemed in only 20 games in D.C. before a trade to New England.

4. Reggie White goes to Titletown (1993)

Green Bay wasn’t accurately a free-agent hotspot in a early ’90s. That all altered when a “Minister of Defense” picked a Pack over a slew of other bigger markets. It was intolerable to see White out of a Eagles’ Kelly Green, it was intolerable to watch a NFL’s initial vital free-agent preference unfold, though it wasn’t intolerable when White and Brett Favre brought a Lombardi Trophy behind home.

3. Curtis Martin gets Jet-tisoned to New York (1998)

Bill Parcells’ initial sequence of business after fasten Gang Green? Importing his former Patriots actor and limited giveaway representative Curtis Martin. It cost a Jets an intolerable six-year, $36 million contract, and initial and third-round picks. That high cost was value it as Martin, fourth on a all-time rushing list, built a Hall of Fame career in New York.

2. The 49ers go Primetime (1994)

The Niners dynasty strike a section wall called a Dallas Cowboys in a early ’90s. Their answer to Michael Irvin and Alvin Harper using roughshod by their secondary? A rapid small Cincinnati Reds outfielder named Deion Sanders. Primetime over his ball obligations in 1994 only in time to join a 49ers on a Super Bowl run.

1. Brett Favre joins a rivalry in Minnesota (2009)

If Brett Favre couldn’t join ’em, he wanted to kick ’em. After a deteriorate in a AFC, a Packers’ quarterbacking fable shockingly returned to his NFC North stomping drift — this time as a Viking. Those rematches were both a Cheeseheads misfortune calamity and appointment television. We might never see an mythological NFL quarterback spin heel utterly like that again.

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