‘That’s Mine’: Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal Linking Up Has Fans Begging for Exes to Rekindle Romance

Shaquille O’Neal was speckled hugging adult on ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal over a weekend, and fans were gay by a sight.

The span were reportedly during a family eventuality and in photos snapped by a organisation Backgrid, it seemed Shaq was removing playfully friendly with a mom of his 4 children.

The initial print shows Shaq station behind a “Basketball Wives” star and giving her a bear cuddle as she smiles and puts her hands adult branch divided from him. The subsequent picture shows a NBA Hall of Famer vouchsafing go of O’Neal as a dual seem to giggle during a moment.

In response, fans glimpsed a images and hoped for a reunion between a long-divorced stars.

“I’ve always secure for them, even after a divorce ❤️.”

“I’m here for this 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽”

“Love never dies it’s there observant are we prepared nonetheless 💯❤️❤️❤️❤️”

“Shaunie greatfully give that male another possibility m m 👏”

Adding fuel to a abandon was Shaq’s response to basketball mom Monique Payton, who is a mom of Los Angeles Lakers indicate ensure Gary Payton II.

“Here comes a speculations,” Payton wrote accompanied by a organisation of several emoji.

O’Neal wasn’t too enthralled, as she simply left an emoji definition “shaking my head.”

However, her ex of a decade, Shaq, was all for it, apparently.

“That’s mine,” he commented.

Yet for all a hullabaloo over a fans — who have previously gotten excited over a intensity rekindling of intrigue — wanting a integrate to reunite, it unequivocally won’t happen.

For one, Shaq has been related to “Chicago Fire” singer Annie Ilonzeh given Jan after they were spotted strolling in New York City hand-in-hand.

Additionally, O’Neal herself has formerly close down any hopes for a reunion between a two, who have succeeded in co-parenting their children apart.

“People are always like, ‘oh, we guys should get behind together’ — no, that’s not happening,” she pronounced to Life Style final May. “We only are cold and we can duty and we honour any other’s space and it’s good.”

The pair, who were married for 5 years before Shaq filed for divorce from O’Neal in 2007, worked tough to get to be means to be friends and lift their children as ex-spouses.

“We’re good now, though it took a prolonged time,” a VH1 star told a magazine. “Like, we unequivocally did not have a attribute that we have now a initial few years. we mean, we’re going on 8 years of being divorced now and I’d have to contend a good initial 5 [or] 6 were unequivocally rough. We could function, though it was rough. Now we consider we only got over a hump, and I’ve always kind of been [like], ‘What’s best for a kids,’ and I’ll make it occur no matter what. Even if he and we can’t see eye to eye, we didn’t wish them to ever be influenced by it and we consider he felt a same way. But it was unequivocally unequivocally hard.”

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