#ThankYouAmbrose: Looking Back on a WWE Career and Legacy of Dean Ambrose

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It’s a fact of life that we’ve famous for a while now: Dean Ambrose is withdrawal WWE. And while we’ve had months to ready for that eventuality, time expected didn’t make it any easier, when before to his compare opposite Bobby Lashley on a Raw After ‘Mania, WWE announced that it was Ambrose’s his final with a company.

The compare wasn’t many of a compare during all as it never got started and finished with Dean Ambrose being sent by a announce table. However, that wasn’t his swansong as after a uncover went off a air, Dean Ambrose assimilated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a ring for one final Shield impulse as good as to give a correct goodbye to both a fans who have upheld him for a past 7 years, and a organisation who had been his brothers in arms for a improved tools of their WWE careers together.

Dean Ambrose leaves WWE with a clever resume. One of a faces of a organisation for a past several years, Ambrose was a initial member of a Shield to finish his career grand impact (just a 16th chairman to do so all-time and usually eighth underneath a complicated format). In all, his accolades embody winning Money in a Bank, 3 reigns with a Intercontinental Championship, dual with a Raw Tag Team Championships and one any with a United States and WWE World Championships. He was twice named as Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s Most Popular Wrestler of a Year (2014, 2015), and has won 5 Slammy Awards including twice as Breakout Star of a Year (2013 with a Shield; 2014 by himself). He’s finished all of this and to think, he’s usually been in WWE for 7 years.

His bequest and that of a Shield is no doubt going to be long-lasting as he achieved in a brief time, what some wrestlers could usually dream of doing.

Early Days in FCW

After a successful career on a indies (which we can review about here), a artist before famous as Jon Moxley came to Florida Championship Wrestling in 2011, underneath his new ring name, Dean Ambrose. Debuting opposite Hunico (Sin Cara), a trouble-making Ambrose fast hold a eye of then-FCW 15 Champion, Seth Rollins, job him out in his initial promo with a company. Ambrose challenged for pretension in usually his fifth central compare with FCW, as he and Rollins wrestled to a 15-minute no falls time-limit draw. In his rematch, a same occurred, usually this time it was a 20-minute draw. Ambrose and Rollins resolved their argument in ancestral fashion. Since 15 mins wasn’t adequate and conjunction were 20, a dual fought in a first-ever FCW 30-minute iron male match, that was won by Rollins, 3 falls to two.

From there, Dean Ambrose entered into a FCW World Championship design before entering an heated argument with William Regal, who put Ambrose over and permitted him with high regard ever given a impulse he walked into FCW. The dual usually had dual matches, yet a calm of a argument went distant over a ring as Regal’s explanation during Ambrose’s matches and a promos between a two, totally delivered. A star was being innate and WWE positively took notice.

“It breaks my heart. we get it, we know, we understand…I wish him fitness apparently in whatever he wants to do, and we’re still going to be friends and brothers and I’ll adore him for as prolonged as we can…I never illusory a 3 of us operative anywhere else, or not being here during a same time, unless – we’ve all been harm or ill or whatever it is and had to take some time off. But we never imagined, we know, me and Roman here, or me and Ambrose here and Roman somewhere else, or Ambrose, or me, we know we usually never saw it that way. So it’s gonna be uncanny to come into a locker room and he’s not there and meaningful he’s not entrance behind anytime soon. So it positively tugs on my heartstings a small bit, yet we support him in whatever preference he’s gonna make.”

Seth Rollins on Dean Ambrose withdrawal WWE

Dean Ambrose would re-enter a universe pretension design and re-ignite his argument with then-champion Rollins, yet not before a predecessor to a Shield triple hazard as Ambrose battled Leakee (Roman Reigns) and Rollins in a #1 contender’s compare won by Reigns. Dean Ambrose resolved his FCW career with a compare opposite Richie Steamboat in Jun 2012. In a indirect months, he was changed to a residence uncover circuit and also wrestled dim matches on both Raw, Smackdown and a new NXT, yet he never seemed on TV for a brand. While essentially it was suspicion he’d come adult to a categorical register to argument with Mick Foley, who he had called out and a dual had left back-and-forth on Twitter given April, Ambrose’s entrance was saved for something some-more memorable.

Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta. SHIELD (2012-14; Oct-Dec. 2017; Aug-Oct. 2018; Mar. 2019)

During Survivor Series in Nov 2012, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, who would after accept a name, “The Shield,” debuted in intolerable fashion, assisting CM Punk keep his championship in a triple hazard opposite Ryback and John Cena. The contingent unleashed their signature triple powerbomb and a rest was history. After denying devotion to Punk and simply claiming a ground of fighting injustice, a Shield finished their in-ring entrance a following month during TLC, defeating Ryback and Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. For a subsequent few months, a Shield remained undefeated (on television) and continued to repudiate operative for Punk even yet they generally pounded usually his opponents, including a Rock during Royal Rumble. It was during this time that Ambrose became a de facto personality of a group, a spokesman of a Shield.

Shortly after a Royal Rumble it was suggested that a Shield had in fact been paid by Paul Heyman to offer as Punk’s mercenaries, yet a organisation began to break as a contingent fake forward to pretension pursuits.

On Apr 26 during Smackdown, Dean Ambrose finished his televised singles entrance opposite a Undertaker. He lost, yet shortly after entered into a module with United States Champion Kofi Kingston, who Dean Ambrose degraded during Extreme Rules to win his initial pretension with WWE. At a same event, Rollins and Reigns, who had essentially worked as a tab group while Ambrose was a singles star, also won a tab titles, giving a Shield all a gold. It was transparent these 3 were seen as rising stars as all 3 were young, uninformed and had fast gotten over with a fans.

Dean Ambrose hold a US pretension for a record 351 days, successfully fortifying opposite Kingston, Kane, Neville, Rob Van Dam, Dolph Ziggler, Big E, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Curtis Axel and Ryback. During his roughly one-year reign, a Shield had left from Punk’s mercenaries to Triple H‘s enforcers, aggressive opponents of a Authority‘s climax jewel, Randy Orton, and anyone who spoke out opposite a new regime. It was also during this time that cracks in a Shield began to show, as Dean Ambrose boasted about being a usually member of a coterie who still had his pretension after Rollins and Reigns mislaid a tab group championships to Cody Rhodes and Goldust. From that indicate on, Dean Ambrose took many of a pins in their Shield matches, permitting himself to be viewed as a group’s “weak link.” As a Shield continued to assistance Ambrose keep his pretension all a while Reigns was defeating a same opponents yet assistance that caused even some-more tension, Rollins motionless he was finished with a infighting and being a glue that kept a Shield together.

“I wish him to stay. Dean, if you’re listening, stay. Do not go…I consider during a finish of a day, a rapacity in us wants him in a locker room, yet we know, as a crony and as a brother, we usually wish Jon to be happy. we wish him – if he asks to recharge his batteries, yet ultimately, we wish my crony to be where he wants to be and to have a correct chain for his life…But I’m not gonna lie, we are – we’re selifsh being. That’s usually how we are, and we wish my friends with me. And not usually that, yet Ambrose is a workhorse, man. And we don’t chuck that tenure around lightly…So regardless if he’s entrance or going, somebody is going to be means to work with a shining superstar, someone who truly believes in what he’s doing, has a good passion to get improved and an extraordinary work ethic.”

Roman Reigns on Dean Ambrose withdrawal WWE

Following a Shield summit, a contingent did stay together, however, if usually briefly. Freshly incited babyfaces, a Shield began feuding with a Authority, that eventually led to an Evolution reunion (Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton). It was during this argument that Dean Ambrose mislaid his United States Championship as he was forced to urge it in a 20-man conflict stately with Reigns and Rollins not means to get involved. The Shield won both their PPV matches opposite Evolution, initial during Extreme Rules and again during Payback in a no binds barred rejecting compare in that no member of a Shield was eliminated. The following night, however, it all came crashing down as Rollins incited on a Shield and re-aligned with a Authority.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns quickly remained a twin after that and continued to support any other, even yet they were no longer aligned as a Shield. With a coterie disbanded, a dual went on their apart ways. Reigns focused on a universe pretension design given a somewhat unhinged Ambrose focused on revenge. And while iterations of a Shield reunited over a years, namely Ambrose and Reigns and Ambrose and Rollins, a contingent wrestled reduction than 10 times as a group following a 2014 break-up.

Feuding with Seth Rollins (2014-15; June-July 2016; Nov. 2018 – Jan. 2019)

Perhaps a biggest singles argument of Dean Ambrose’s career was a one between himself and “wrestling soulmate” Seth Rollins. Unable to pierce on from Rollins’ betrayal, Dean Ambrose set out to make his former best friend’s life a vital hell. The feeling was mutual however as Rollins hid behind Kane and a Authority to stop Ambrose during any turn. Aided by a Authority, Rollins won Money in a Bank in 2014 as good as several other matches. At Hell in a Cell that year, a dual faced off in a classical that was won by Rollins due to division from Bray Wyatt.

Dean Ambrose went on to argument with Wyatt for a bit, entered a Royal Rumble, challenged for a Intercontinental Championship twice, and during Extreme Rules in April, won his initial PPV singles compare given a Shield separate scarcely a year prior. With a Wyatt Family in his rearview mirror, Dean Ambrose returned to argument with newly crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, who had won a pretension after cashing in his briefcase during WrestleMania 31. This also put Ambrose behind in a trail of Reigns for a initial time in a prolonged time, as both were concerned in a pretension picture. Rollins shielded his pretension opposite Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton during Payback and again opposite Ambrose during Extreme Rules by DQ. After a match, Dean Ambrose stole a belt, usually returning it during Money in a Bank, where he challenged Rollins to a ladder match. The nearby 36-minute confront filled with crazy ladder spots, finished when both Rollins and Ambrose grabbed a pretension and fell to a mat, with Rollins unresolved on, usually hardly circumference out his former coterie mate.

Following a loss, Dean Ambrose quickly teamed behind adult with Reigns, resuming his argument with a Wyatt Family in a process. The dual also continued to argument with Rollins adult until his damage in Nov 2015. Rollins was set to be out an extended duration of time, forcing him to empty a title. Both Ambrose and Reigns took partial in a contest to climax a new champion, with Reigns defeating Ambrose in a championship final. When Rollins returned to movement in Jun 2016, he immediately set his sights on convalescent a pretension he never lost, that was still hold by Reigns. But as Rollins focused on Reigns, Dean Ambrose focused on winning a Money in a Bank match, revelation both of his former brothers that it didn’t matter that one of them was champion during a finish of a night, given he was going to stand a ladder, secure a briefcase and cash-in his eventuality yet hesitation.

In his initial PPV compare back, Rollins won a pretension from Reigns yet hold it usually small seconds as Dean Ambrose stayed loyal to his word. With briefcase in hand, he clocked Rollins from behind, cashed in and 8 seconds later, on a night where all 3 members of a Shield had hold a title, became universe champion for a initial time in his career. Confident Rollins would recover a title, he was selected as a initial altogether collect in a code prolongation breeze on Jul 18th for Raw. Dean Ambrose was Smackdown’s initial choice. That night, Rollins perceived his rematch yet couldn’t recover a pretension as a finish finished in a double pin, withdrawal doubt as to who a genuine champion was. The subsequent night, Dean Ambrose successfully shielded a belt and did so again a few weeks after during Battleground in a initial Shield triple hazard given a FCW days.

With Reigns and Rollins on Raw and Dean Ambrose on Smackdown, a 3 met as opponents usually one some-more time, in a Raw vs Smackdown Survivor Series match. Although, Ambrose, who was in a midst of a argument with AJ Styles, incited on Smackdown to assistance Reigns and Rollins triple powerbomb and discharge Styles from a match. The subsequent time Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were in a same ring, it was as a team. In 2017, with Ambrose now on Raw, Rollins looked to make overdue justification with him, yet a Lunatic essentially rebuffed a idea. It wasn’t until a dual were reluctantly requisitioned in a tab group championship compare opposite The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) and won, that Ambrose and Rollins reunited as a group for a initial time in scarcely 3 years. Unfortunately for a new team, in Dec of that year, Dean Ambrose postulated an damage that kept him on a shelf until Aug 2018.

He returned a new man, both in entrance and attitude, to his brothers both holding singles championships. Both Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre attempted to attract Dean Ambrose into desiring he was a “weak link” again and it roughly worked, with tragedy generally high between Rollins and Ambrose. In a end, a twin stayed a clever section adult until a night they regained a tab titles, a night a universe schooled of Reigns’ genuine life leukemia returning. Following a romantic victory, Dean Ambrose incited on Seth Rollins and shortly after, a dual began feuding over a Intercontinental Championship.

In his initial PPV plea for a belt, Ambrose degraded Rollins as he espoused ideas of how all that was entrance to a Shield was some arrange of karmic probity for their sins. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins continued to argument over a pretension until Jan 14th on an part of Raw, when Bobby Lashley degraded both of them in a triple hazard to win a belt. Rollins and Ambrose had usually one some-more compare as enemies as their argument came to an finish due to a proclamation of Ambrose’s depart and later, Reigns’ return. The briefest of Shield reunions followed as Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins came together for one final compare during Fastlane 2019.

Other Memorable Feuds

Kevin Owens

Following his detriment to Roman Reigns during Survivor Series 2015 for a universe title, Dean Ambrose immediately entered into a module with Kevin Owens for a Intercontinental Championship. Ambrose degraded Owens to allege to a finals of a empty universe pretension contest and a dual had feuded during a live eventuality circuit in Europe a few weeks prior. They feuded again on a Live Holiday Tour and had their initial PPV compare in Dec during TLC, where Dean Ambrose degraded Kevin Owens to constraint his initial IC pretension reign. The dual continued to argument over a belt by March, including a noted Last Man Standing hitch during Royal Rumble 2016.

Chris Jericho

After a brief army as a Shield’s fan in Jan 2016 and after his feat over AJ Styles during WrestleMania 32, Chris Jericho aligned with Kevin Owens and found himself right in Ambrose’s crosshairs. Featuring dual opposite speak shows, a broken multi-thousand dollar jacket, a genocide of a dear plant and a introduction of a compare form (Ambrose Asylum) that will substantially go in a Punjabi Prison difficulty of expected to never be used again, Ambrose and Jericho’s argument was brief yet sweet. Dean Ambrose degraded a destiny Hall of Famer during Payback and Extreme Rules in May 2016. The dual after finished justification as Dean Ambrose transposed a coupler he had shop-worn (albeit with a many cheaper one) and even wrestled together opposite a Miz in a encumber compare in Apr 2017.

AJ Styles

In Jun 2016, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose wrestled their initial singles compare opposite any other, a compare that Ambrose won. Three months later, during Backlash, they wrestled their second (not including live events or dim matches). This time Styles won and to a hero went a booty of a WWE World Championship, that Ambrose had formerly hold for 84 days. Styles won with a low blow, so commencement his central universe pretension module with Ambrose. Unsuccessful in 3 some-more attempts during convalescent his title, including in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, Dean Ambrose continued to argument with AJ Styles by December. Notable moments of a argument enclosed Ambrose branch on Styles during Survivor Series and a introduction of James Ellsworth, who Dean Ambrose helped to not one, not two, yet 3 victories over a rarely flashy Styles.

The Miz

In Dec 2016, with Dean Ambrose uninformed off his universe pretension argument with AJ Styles and Miz’s Intercontinental Championship argument with Dolph Ziggler in a rearview mirror, Miz and Ambrose were interconnected as rivals for a initial time in their WWE careers. It all started on Miz TV when Miz gave Dean mbrose his Miz Participation Award, that was meant to be a dig. Ambrose got his initial shot during Miz’ pretension that same night, losing when Maryse interfered. As a month continued, so too did Miz and Ambrose’s fight of words. On Jan 3, 2017, Dean Ambrose degraded Miz to win his second IC title. Of a 4 titles defenses he had, Miz wrestled in all yet one. While a Miz/Ambrose argument seemed to be canceled before it strike a heat pitch, a dual picked adult right where they had left off when both found their approach to Raw during a 2017 Superstar Shakeup. In Jun 2017, during Extreme Rules, Miz regained a IC title. He successfully shielded a championship during Great Balls of Fire, during that indicate Miz and Ambrose’s argument was mostly done, save for a live eventuality circuit that continued by a summer.

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