‘Thank You, Pittsburgh:’ Marc-Andre Fleury writes romantic farewell note to Penguins fans

As Marc-Andre Fleury heads to Las Vegas for a subsequent section in his probable Hall of Fame career, a three-time Stanley Cup leader is thanking Pittsburgh Penguins fans for 14 years that were “beyond my wildest dreams.”

In an romantic letter posted Monday in The Players’ Tribune, Fleury wrote, “I wish we could put into difference how most of an impact your support has done on me and my family. We have turn Pittsburghers. My mother graduated from Robert Morris University, my daughters were innate during Magee-Womens Hospital (sorry a blurb has been blustering on your TVs for some-more than a year), and a initial residence was in Moon.

“Pittsburgh and a people will perpetually be in a hearts.”

Fleury was drafted in 2003 during a age of 18, that means scarcely half of his life has been spent in Pittsburgh. That’s a lot of time to make memories.

“It seems like only yesterday that we was a child in this blue fit that my representative bought me for a draft, wearing this tie that we didn’t even know how to tie. (I after got fined a few times for entrance to a games with it inappropriately tied.)

“And now here we am. we have a wife, dual kids, and 3 Cups. I’m articulate about my memories and observant my goodbyes.”

The minute also explains that, while personification for a enlargement Golden Knights is a new plea for Fleury, a cross-country pierce is also something that severely affects his daughters.

“I consider we will tell them that relocating somewhere new during a immature age — approbation it competence be scary, though we only have to hang in there. We’re going to figure things out, and we’re going to find a way,” he wrote. “And afterwards we’ll blink, and unexpected that bizarre and new place … It won’t seem strange, or new, during all. It competence even feel like home.”

He admits, “I am not good with a romantic stuff, and this is not easy,” though Fleury goes on to appreciate a Penguins’ owners, government and his former teammates, and takes readers on an sparkling outing down memory line with some of his favorite Pittsburgh moments.

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