Tennis – Roger Federer isn’t a GOAT and conjunction is Rafael Nadal nor Novak Djokovic

7:45 PM ET

Shortly after Novak Djokovic mastered Rafael Nadal during this year’s Australian Open final to close down his 15th Grand Slam singles title, a simmering GOAT discuss came to a boil again. We immediately asked either we need to start meditative about a top-ranked Serbian as a best ever. But it lifted another engaging question: Is it unequivocally probable a 3 biggest players of all time are active right now?

Sure, it’s feasible, though it’s rarely unlikely. This annoyance of generational cache — Roger Federer owns 20 vital singles titles, Nadal has 17, usually dual some-more than Djokovic — suggests a metrics for last a GOAT are distant too simplistic. The accumulative success of this contingent is so strenuous that it creates we consternation if it’s even satisfactory to review them to their predecessors. If we acknowledge that, a GOAT discuss changes drastically.

The speed during that these 3 titans eclipsed Sampras’ record, after Emerson’s had stood for so long, means a simple transport of vital titles is usually a entrance price into a GOAT debate. Other aspects of a record afterwards turn most some-more important. Those embody head-to-head records, success in other best events (like Masters 1000s) and altogether winning percentage.

Let’s not forget that since he spanned a pledge and Open eras, Rod Laver was denied a event to play majors for 6 years starting during age 24, a year after he finished a calendar-year Grand Slam. Laver returned in a Open epoch and afterwards achieved another brush of a majors in 1969. He stays a usually Open epoch actor with dual calendar Grand Slams.

All this suggests there’s no genuine GOAT — maybe there’s a flock of them.

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