Tennis Debate: Readers’ views on either Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer is a biggest ever

Head to conduct all important

A series of readers forked to Nadal’s supremacy in meetings between a dual players as being a many critical pattern for who is a GOAT. 

Mike Cee: “Federer never degraded or dethroned a King of Clay – Nadal – during a French Finals since Nadal defeated/dethroned Federer on his best aspect during Wimbledon.”

Bhuwan Ghimire: “The conduct to conduct speaks volumes…. Nadal has beaten Federer on all surfaces in grand slams. Federer has not, and their conduct to conduct is uncomparable. So a contention is over.”

Others disagreed with this – Tony NN: “In tennis history, head-to-head annals have never been used to consider greatness. Rod Laver has a losing record to Ken Rosewall in vital tournaments. In 1999, Andre Agassi was announced actor of a year by both a ATP and a ITF even yet Agassi had a 1-4 losing record to Sampras.”

Style matters

For some this gives Federer a corner – Barry Miz: “What Roger has finished for a game, how he has played, his large fan base, his sportsmanship awards, his character of play, etc. cannot be overstated.”

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