Tale of a Tape: How Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson smoke-stack adult forward of $9 million match

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will block off in a Thanksgiving weekend compare for $9 million. That competence not reason a same cachet it did weeks ago in a pre-Ryder Cup universe where a twin sum to go 0-6-0, though it’s still dual of a 10 best players of all time squaring off for tighten to 8 figures.

The match, that will be played during Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, competence indeed be a many expected eventuality on a golf line-up for a rest of 2018. Whenever my infrequent golf fan friends speak about what they’re looking brazen to, this is it. Maybe that should be a case, too. With a mic’d adult Mickelson and Tiger attack stingers all over a yard, maybe it will be great.

And even if Justin Thomas won’t be examination it, we will.

Let’s demeanour during a deteriorate and career comparison of both Big Cat and Lefty as they conduct into this compare in a small over a month.

The numbers are staggering. These dual have sum to acquire over $200 million on a PGA Tour, and they didn’t even play some of their careers in a large bang epoch we’ve seen of late with grievous purses and absurd first-place prizes.

As for a numbers, on a outset, it would seem that Woods has a large advantage. He’s improved all time, improved conduct to head, improved as a compare play golfer (if indeed that’s what they finish adult playing) and is entrance in off a improved 2018. In fact, Mickelson even jokingly asked for strokes after personification with Woods during a Ryder Cup.

“Tiger striped it today,” Mickelson said. “I consider he missed one fairway for a round, and I’m perplexing to negotiate a shot a side. It didn’t go over really good in a initial … discussions … though I’m still operative on it. We’ve got some negotiating to do given how good he played final week [at a Tour Championship].”

Tiger had 5 tip 10s in his final 10 events of a 2017-18 PGA Tour deteriorate (including dual during vital championships) while Mickelson had none. Lefty also played a Safeway Open a week after a Ryder Cup and didn’t tip 10 there, either.

All that to say, there’s a reason Woods is a -220 favorite to win this heads-up match. 

But who knows. I’d earlier gamble opposite Barack Obama in a domestic competition than we would gamble opposite Mickelson on a golf march (Mickelson would happily take movement on both, we suspect). No matter what happens, a whole thing should be a sum uncover given Lefty’s involvement.

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