Takeda crime examine sullies 2020 Tokyo Olympics and IOC

TOKYO — Tsunekazu Takeda, a boss of a Japanese Olympic Committee and a absolute IOC member, again denied crime allegations opposite him, suggesting on Tuesday that any shame was with others during a Japanese body.

Takeda review a seven-minute prepared content and afterwards took no questions from hundreds of media.

Innocent or guilty in a temptation liaison that French authorities think helped land a games for Tokyo, a liaison has expel a shade over a arriving Olympics that open in 18 months. It also underscores unsuccessful efforts by a International Olympic Committee to purify adult a behest routine with billions swirling around a preparations of each Olympics.

Tokyo is spending about $20 billion to ready for a games.

“I am really contemptible for carrying caused regard for those operative really tough to ready for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics and Paralympics,” Takeda said, vocalization usually in Japanese.

The final Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were scattered from start to finish and finished eventually with a detain of organizing cabinet boss — and Brazilian Olympic Committee boss —Carlos Nuzman, also in a vote-buying scandal.

The Asahi journal reported Olympic Minister Yoshitaka Sakurada as observant during a apart news discussion Tuesday that a allegations “are not really good for a image” of Japan.

IOC President Thomas Bach, vocalization final month in Tokyo, described a games as “the best prepared” in history. They have overcome early problems that enclosed a plagiarized trademark design, and a redesign of a new Olympic track since of mountainous costs. General cost overruns have continued to be an emanate for Tokyo, that is now spending 3 times some-more than it pronounced it would when it was selected.

Takeda, a apart member of Japan’s stately family — he is good grandson of a Meiji czar who ruled late in 19th century and into a 20th — gave usually pleasantness bows before and after his speech, not a low, postulated bows compared with display low remorse.

He concurred he had sealed off on about $2 million in payments to a Singapore consulting company, Black Tidings.

French investigators have related Black Tidings to Papa Massata Diack, one of a sons of absolute ex-IOC member Lamine Diack of Senegal.

Lamine Diack had outrageous change over Olympic electorate in Africa. In 2013, IOC members voted for Tokyo, expelling appealing bids from Madrid and Istanbul.

“The agreement (with Black Tidings) was reviewed and we did make a final signature,” Takeda, a control of a IOC selling commission, said. He called it a “regular blurb agreement procedure” and pronounced “there were several others who sealed off before me.”

“As for me, we was not concerned in a decision-making routine for determining on Black Tiding,” Takeda said. “There was no reason for me to doubt a routine on this conference deal.”

Jeff Kingston, who teaches Japanese politics during Temple University in Tokyo, pronounced in a “end this could be famous as a Black Tidings Olympics.”

“It’s a outrageous black eye for Japan. There is no other approach to spin it,” he told The Associated Press.

Kingston also blamed a IOC.

“What this does is display a disaster of a IOC to get a residence in order,” Kingston said.

Dressed in a dim fit and a silver-blue tie to compare his hair, Takeda spoke seated though a common promotional backdrop of a Tokyo Olympics, or a Japanese Olympic Committee. He offering small new, referring mostly to a 2016 inner news by a Japanese Olympic Committee that radically privileged him of wrongdoing.

The JOC news resolved a $2 million was suitable remuneration for consulting work finished by Black Tidings. Takeda also pronounced he had no trust of links to a Diack family. He pronounced a hit was not “illegal underneath Japanese law.”

“I’d like to transparent a claim opposite me, and we will concur entirely with French authorities,” Takeda said.

Tokyo’s Olympic organizing cabinet attempted to stretch itself from Takeda, who headed a bid cabinet though is not during a control of a organizing committee.

“The Tokyo 2020 organizing cabinet has no means of meaningful a sum of a bid committee’s activities, as a organizing cabinet was dynamic after Tokyo was comparison as a horde city,” organizers pronounced in a statement. “We trust that a games were awarded to Tokyo since a city presented a best bid.”

The rough assign opposite Takeda announced by a National Financial Prosecutors bureau was initial reported by French journal Le Monde. The rough assign means a questioning justice has dynamic there are critical drift for suspicion. But no preference has been announced on any prosecution.

Takeda pronounced in early 2017 he replied to questions from a Tokyo district court, though he pronounced a justice did not follow up.

The IOC has corroborated Takeda and says he has a hypothesis of innocence. Takeda testified by video hookup on Friday with a IOC ethics commission, though gave no sum of any movement it competence take. Emails from a AP seeking for sum went unanswered.

The IOC has intermittently asked other members to resign, or step aside while their control was being investigated.

The IOC has about 100 members, and 3 are dangling on crime allegations: Sheikh Ahmad of Kuwait, Frank Fredericks of Namibia, and Patrick Hickey of Ireland. Nuzman, an titular member from Brazil, is also suspended.


AP video reporters Kaori Hitomi and Haruka Nuga contributed to this report


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