Swimming Superstar Michael Phelps Races A (Computer-Generated) Great White Shark!

Phelps during a Rio Games (Photo Credit: By Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil [CC BY 3.0 around Wikimedia Commons)

When Michael Phelps announced his retirement during a 2016 Rio Olympics he unequivocally had no intention of swimming competitively again. However, that altered when a decorated athlete was approached by a Discovery Channel to assistance flog off Shark Week with a competition opposite one of a world’s fastest and many fit predators — a good white!

To ready for a large event, Phelps, who has set 39 universe annals and garnered 28 Olympic medals, used by racing opposite a embankment and a hammerhead shark – both mechanism generated, of course. While a swimmer’s time of 18.7 seconds was adequate to kick a embankment shark by 0.2 seconds, he fell behind a hammerhead, that finished a 50-meter widen in 15.1 seconds.

Great white lured with feign sign to guess a speed (Photo Credit Discovery Channel)

On Sunday, Jul 23 during 7:00 p.m. ET/PT, over 5 million viewers tuned in to watch a rarely anticipated Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White. To contest effectively opposite a ferocious fish that can float during speeds of adult to 25 mph, or about 5 times faster than humans, Phelps wore a tradition wetsuit. It was not usually designed to revoke drag, though also featured a fin to impersonate a shark’s absolute tail.

While radio viewers saw a competitors swimming side by side, in reality, Phelps raced by himself in a cold Atlantic waters off of Cape Town, South Africa. The Discovery Channel film organisation afterwards extrinsic his computer-generated competition simulating a genuine shark’s speed, that was estimated by luring a good white with a feign sign over a same 100-meter widen of a Atlantic.

Phelps vs. Shark (Photo Credit: Discovery Channel shade capture)

Though Phelps managed to finish a widen in an considerable 38.1 seconds, 9.41 seconds faster than his personal best of 47.51 seconds, he was no compare for a good shark, that clocked 36.1 seconds. Like a loyal champion, a fish distinguished a feat by leaping out of a water. Phelps, meanwhile, took a detriment in good humor, tweeting: “Rematch? Next time…warmer water.”

The swimmer after said, “Honestly, a initial suspicion that went by my conduct when we saw a shark, there’s substantially really small possibility for me to kick him.”

Final Score (Photo Credit: Discovery Channel shade capture)

While some fans were unhappy that Phelps did not competition a live shark in a ocean, entertainment that would have been dangerous for a swimmer. Besides, Discovery Channel’s aim in organizing a stunt was to beget fad and seductiveness in sharks. Given that it was a highest-rated Shark Week special in a program’s 29-year history, they certain succeeded.

This isn’t a initial time a star contestant has competed opposite an animal. NFL far-reaching receiver Dennis Northcutt once raced an ostrich, while Olympic 200-meters champion Shawn Crawford sprinted alongside a giraffe. Bryan Habana, a rugby player, went a step serve and attempted to take on a world’s fastest land animal – a cheetah. However, notwithstanding a 35-meter conduct start, he was incompetent to kick a furious cat that is able of reaching speeds of adult to 70 mph!

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