Steve Kerr of Golden State Warriors apologizes for counterfeit language

4:15 PM ET

DENVER — Golden State Warriors manager Steve Kerr apologized for a scurrilous denunciation he destined during an central during Thursday’s feat over a San Antonio Spurs.

Cameras held Kerr roaming a sidelines when he uttered, “F— you, m—–f—–.”

At a shootaround Saturday morning in credentials for Saturday night’s diversion opposite a Denver Nuggets, Kerr was remorseful.

“I need to do better. Honestly, we need to do better,” he said. “That was embarrassing. My daughter sent me a meme of it. It was all over a internet. we usually hung my conduct in shame. we am really ardent and intense, though we can’t use that kind of wording. we would never contend that to anybody in a normal setting. It’s usually awful. When we saw that, we was like, ‘Oh, my God. What’s a matter with me?'”

He after said: “I’m always going to get on refs to hang adult for my guys, and that’s a point, though we can’t use that kind of language.”

Kerr wasn’t a usually manager who had choice difference for a officials. Spurs manager Gregg Popovich was ejected late in a contest. He was seen saying, “Terrible f—ing referee.”

“Well, that’s where we schooled it. we blamed Pop afterward,” Kerr pronounced sarcastically. “You’re a one who taught me that stuff, Pop. we consider he might have pronounced something identical when he got tossed. But, yeah, infrequently a rage and a rival enterprise gets a best of us.”

League sources pronounced it is doubtful that Kerr or Popovich will accept a fine. Coaches are typically penalized if they do not leave a justice in a timely conform following an ejection.

Nowadays, it’s probably unfit for anything to start during movement though it being held on camera.

“There’s a camera on him during all times, though that’s kind of a give and take of what we do,” Stephen Curry said. “Most of a slip-ups occur and everybody gets to see it. Me throwing a mouthpiece, him cussing, small tussles on a court, all that kind of stuff. It’s a partial of basketball. You usually have to understanding with it and know that nobody’s perfect, though he’s display some fire.”

Kerr pronounced former Warrior Tom Tolbert, who is now a Bay Area radio host, jokingly suggested that he use a laminated play label to defense his mouth like NFL coaches do.

The appetite and passion Kerr demonstrates is partial of what creates him an effective coach. He pronounced he’s not going to tinge that aspect down, though he intends to practice some-more stoicism when communicating with a officials.

“I consider there’s a certain volume of yelling we have to do as manager when we don’t like what’s going on,” Kerr said. “Maybe you’re perplexing to motivate your guys, maybe you’re perplexing to get on a ref to change a movement a little, and that’s all partial of it. But what we pronounced a other night was inexcusable, and we can’t use that kind of language.”

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