Steve Kerr exposes a sum gamble Shaquille O’Neal done in aged ESPN clip

It’s healthy for sports fans, analysts and athletes to have clever opinions, though we should never – underneath any resources – guarantee that you’ll do something sum on inhabitant radio if we finish adult being wrong.

Back in 2004, Shaquille O’Neal praised mythological manager Phil Jackson by observant his implausible run of 4 NBA Finals appearances in 5 seasons would never be matched – and pronounced he’d lick a feet of any other manager who pulled it off. Steve Kerr – who is in line for a lick – common a footage on Twitter.

“If a manager takes a group to a Finals, I’ll lick his feet on Fear Factor. With cheese on ‘em. we will! It’ll never be finished again.”

Although Shaq expected didn’t predict a arise of NBA superteams during a time, his prophecy was very, really wrong. Kerr led a Warriors to 5 uninterrupted NBA Finals from 2015 to 2019, after Miami’s Erik Spoelstra took a Heat to 4 uninterrupted Finals in LeBron James’ 4 seasons with a team.

There was also some chronological fashion that expected should have cooled Shaq’s take. Even if we omit Red Auerbach’s epoch of prevalence with a Celtics, Pat Riley brought a Lakers to 7 NBA Finals in a camber of 8 seasons between 1982 and 1989. K.C. Jones led a Celtics to 4 uninterrupted Finals during that same span.

Jackson even pulled off a four-in-five attainment twice, from ’96 to ’00 with a Bulls and Lakers, and ’00 to ’04 exclusively in Los Angeles. Gregg Popovich came tighten to fasten a club, holding a Spurs to 3 Finals in 5 seasons from ’03 to ’07 – and winning a pretension in any appearance.

Shaq, to his credit, is prepared to compensate up.

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