Steph Curry nets season-high 45 points in 3 buliding as Warriors blow out Clippers

10:12 PM ET

LOS ANGELES — The Golden State Warriors’ two-time MVP, Stephen Curry, exploded for a season-high 45 points in a 121-105 blowout win over a LA Clippers on Sunday.

With Kevin Durant sidelined for his second true game, Curry unleashed his descent repertoire on a injury-riddled Clippers to secure his 28th 40-point game.

“He’s been on fire,” Warriors manager Steve Kerr said. “Maybe a mangle was good for him. He’s been amazing.”

Clips’ Griffin concussed after bend to forehead

Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin took an unconsidered bend to a conduct from JaVale McGee in Saturday’s diversion opposite a Warriors, pang a concussion that forced him out of a game.

He was ultra-aggressive, sharpened 11-of-21 from a margin and 8-of-16 from behind a arc and grabbing 6 rebounds in 30 mins of action. He has emptied 28 triples in a 4 games given returning from his ankle injury, sharpened 54 percent in that span.

He also went 15-of-16 from a giveaway chuck line, a career high for makes, with 29 of his points entrance in a initial dual quarters.

“I usually knew right divided when we got giveaway for a integrate of 3s in a initial entertain and when they went down, we started to get a rhythm,” Curry said. “But over that, we usually keep your conduct down and keep shooting, keep being aggressive, and that’s unequivocally it.”

The Warriors shot usually 42 percent from a floor, and no starter scored some-more than 10 points.

“Other than Steph’s performance, it was a flattering bad basketball diversion all a approach around,” Kerr said. “… There wasn’t most appetite in a building.”

As Curry was knocking down shot after shot, a throng started gravitating toward a Warriors as if they were personification during home.

The Warriors led by as many as 30 points. Curry was so prohibited that in a core of a third quarter, he roughly knocked down a maladroit 3-pointer while removing fouled.

“Honestly, we always feel like I’m hot,” Curry said. “… When I’m out there playing, each shot we take, we feel like it’s going in. Coming off of that injury, obviously, we got uninformed legs, we got a good rhythm, we was means to put some good work in a week and a half before we got behind on a floor, and that’s flattering most it.”

It got so bad that late in a third, a super fan who goes by a name Clipper Darrell yelled, “Hey, Kerr, can we greatfully take Curry out?” With 5 seconds remaining in a quarter, Kerr obliged, and a territory of a fans surrounding Curry all during once screamed, “Thank you.”

Curry would not play a generation of a contest.

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, who was sitting courtside, spoke to ESPN per Curry’s heroics.

“He’s a helluva player, a conspicuous player,” Mayweather said. “I’m blissful that he’s behind from his injury. He put on a uncover with KD out. Golden State is still a group to beat. Houston is right there, though a Warriors are still a group everybody is chasing.”

Golden State (32-8) swept a three-game highway outing and has extended a win strain to four. Los Angeles forsaken to 17-21. Lou Williams led a Clippers with 23 points off a bench.

Clippers energy brazen Blake Griffin left a diversion in a initial entertain after nutritious a concussion from an bend to a conduct by backup core JaVale McGee.

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