St. Tammany skill transfers, MarcH 19-23, 2018


Transfers for Mar.19-Mar.23-2018


Abita Springs Estates, lot 10, block B: $15,000, Richard M. McCarron to Jordan P. Schillesci and Brandy Lynn Gallodoro.

Choctaw Drive 436: $257,800, Justin J. Luna and Jessica H. Luna to Ryan Munsey, Patricia L. Weigand Munsey and Marsha J. Munsey.

Meadow Lake Drive 73005: $353,500, Bruce E. Messick Sr. to Patrick M. Bussell and Anna W. Bussesll.


11th St. 70407: $155,000, Anthony P. Fasullo to John Carter Jr.

Arleen Normand Drive 15239: $10 and other profitable consideration, Planet Home Lending LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Avenue Lacroix 1317: $430,000, Michael Dan Munna to Will T. McKinney and Michelle B. McKinney.

B St. 70439: $153,000, Edward F. Magenheimer and Edward R. Magenheimer to Megin L. Frey and Maranda L. Frey.

Beebalm Circle 217: $275,000, William L. Hutto to David P. Lopez and Jodi Allen Lopez.

Briar Hollow Road 20: $979,000, Shawn P. Doyle and Thyme B. Doyle to Fred S. Willis and Dayna D. Willis.

Cottonwood Creek Lane 424: $399,000, Highland Homes Inc. to Kevin S. Hon and Traci D. Hon.

Crestview Hills Loop 75161: $259,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Richard Neal Gallaher and Sarah M. Gallaher.

Darlene Drive 2249: $248,890, DSLD Homes LLC to Julie M. Holley.

Del Sol Court East 322: $279,000, Derek c. Frederick and Amy B. Frederick to David A. Logan and Sara Logan.

Derbes Drive 18219: $185,500, Charles W. Marionneaux to Eric N. Rayer.

Division of New Covington subdivsion, apportionment of ground: $229,900, KL Trust to Seld Properties LLC.

Dominic Drive 1552: $253,025, Robert D. Phillips to Ryan D. Woodrow and Lauren N. Woodrow.

E. Fifth Ave. 204: $280,000, Shelstone W. Carr and Ruth E. Carr to Suzanne Marie Freret.

E. Second Ave. 719: $200,000, Succession of Ronald A. Henry and period of Dorothy Jean Patin Henry to Jenelle Collins Chatman.

Fairhaven Road 20412: $170,000, Caitlin K. Galan to Harold D. Begnaud II and Amanda D. Begnaud.

Foal Court 309: $178,000, CRW Investments Servicdes LLC to Joseph S. Madden Jr. and Barbra L. Madden.

Fourth St. 70122: $198,000, Robert K. Triplett and Amanda D. Triplett to Jon M. Raykiewicz and Holly Raykiewicz.

Fourth St. 70122: $198,000, Robert K. Triplett and Amanda D. Triplett to Jon M. Raykiewicz and Holly Raykiewicz.

Green Hills Drive 8: $380,000, Kenneth R. Nieto and Patricia G. Nieto to Ivy L. O’Neill and Toinette Helwick Thompson.

Hummingbird Road 62: $216,000, John L. Picone III to Corbett Ventures LLC.

Lee Road Heights subdivision, lot 3: $10,000, Dwight D. Dettwiller to Suzanne Cox Collins.

Longleaf Drive 22495: $489,000, John D. Carter and Donna L. Carter to Neil M. Pinkham, Evangeline Pinkham, Ian D. Pinkham and Keedra D. Pinkham.

Lurline Drive 63: $337,000, Richard M. Badon Jr. and Gretchen W. Badon to Peter Barilaro and Gaylen K. Massey.

Madris Lane 15521: $188,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Tyrell D. Alonzo.

Madris Lane 15528: $187,280, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Charles D. Chambers.

Madris Lane 15549: $171,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Corrice Watson III.

Madris Lane 15552: $186,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Lauren S. Lassere.

Mark Drive 317: $210,000, Ryan L. Goodlet and Christian S. Goodlet to Joseph J. Troxler II and Carolyn T. Troxler.

Millikens Bend 738: $645,000, Kevin S. Hon and Traci D. Hon to Steven Mark Smith.

Million Dollar Road 19115: $365,000, Kathleen L. Sheridan Cockrell to Robert D. Jarrell and Leslie M. Jarrell.

N. 10th St. 19404: $550,000, Holton Enterprises of Covington Inc. to St. Tammany Council on a Aging Inc..

Old Landing subdivision, lot 83: $81,000, Florence M. Dowd-Sean M. Dowd Family Trust to Covington River House LLC.

Penn Mill Lakes subdivision, Phase 2-C, lot 376: $150,100, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Far Investments LLC.

Plantation St. 72345: $99,000, Vilma Passaretti Lilley to John Scott Renner.

River Park Drive 16949: $201,003, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Robert S. Brockhaus III.

River Park Estates, Phase 1, lots 16-17, block 9, lots 1-2, block 10: $168,000, River Park Estates LLC to D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast.

Robinhood Road 110: $10 and other good profitable consideration, Eddye Kay Famularo-Jene to Florida Moon LLC.

Robinhood Road 320: $165,000, Gaynell Lacoume Giambelluca to Eddie L. Foster and Candace C. Foster.

S. Madison St. 1333: $150,000, John K. Mendow Sr. and Deborah S. Mendow to Ryan A. Mendow and Sara E. Mendow.

Section 12, municipality 7 south, operation 11 east, apportionment of ground: $275,000, Arc Welding Fabrication Inc. to CGHR Investments LLC.

Section 13, municipality 7 south, operation 11 east, lot 27: $54,306, Gulf States Enterprises we LLC to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Section 13, municipality 7 south, operation 11 east, lots 28, 29: $204,378, Gulf States Enterprises we LLC to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Section 34, municipality 6 south, operation 10 east, apportionment of ground: $25,000, Wayne D. Bernhard to Judith L. Primes.

Silverthorne Lane 60: $431,100, Jeffrey P. Mayfield and Vanessa A Mayfield to Lee Cannizaro and Summer C. Cannizaro.

Stanga Road 12519: $237,000, Gisle Scott Brown and Julie Marcombe Brown to Willard D. Robison Jr..

Sylvia Drive 75656: $217,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Joshua A. Guin and Taylor R. Courrege.

Tammany Hills, lots 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, block 101: $40,000, Tamland Investments Inc. to Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West.

Tartan Trace 554: $305,000, Richard Scott Joyce and Marcella L. Joyce to Richard Opaluch and Kerry B. Opaluch.

Tchefuncte Drive 155: $262,000, Mark C. Bahan and Lori L. Bahan to Nicholas Koehler and Kasey P. Koehler.

Tchefuncte Drive 227: $288,000, Siri-Dyal S. Khalsa to Robert Paul Nelson.

Thornwood Drive 247: $62,000, Barbara Bell Malter to Richard V. Lynch IV and Suzanne S. Lynch.

Town of Alexiusville, lot 40-A: $970,000, Testiga Properties LLC to Revive Holdings LLC.

W. 24th Ave. 720: $285,000, Matthew A. Tohme to Benjamin E. Elder and Emily D. Elder.

Warrior Trace 420: $255,000, Jessica L. Wittich to Kort M. Wittich.

Winterberry Drive 706: $375,000, Harry F. Rees Jr. and Nancy P. Rees to Matthew C. Schaefer and Kristin R. Schaefer.


Honeysuckle Estates, Phase 1, lot 21: $7,010, St. Tammany Parish to Felder F. Fitzmorris.

Honeysuckle Estates, Phase 1, lot 26: $10,100, St. Tammany Parish to Felder F. Fitzmorris.

Mildred Lane 83301: $242,000, SRMOF II 2012-1 Trust to Joseph Acosta.

Near Folsom, lot D: $77,000, Rorajo LLC to Johnathan Edward Perry and Krystle Reyes Perry.

Stonelake Drive 13030: $484,500, Robert M. Braniff Sr. and Barbara F. Braniff to James T. Knight.


Berry Todd Road 28675: $123,500, Jermaine M. Labat to Transia A. Brown.

Louisiana Highway 190 25637: $60,000, Daniel Spicer Burrell to Carl A. Brown.

Ordogne Ruppert Road 63438: $166,500, Charlene J. Thompkins to Nelson Y. Zambrana.

Orleans Annex subdivision, lots 4, 5, block B: $3,750, Shirley Mary Ohler Dedebant to Todd C. Hatheway.

Orleans Annex subdivision, lots 4, 5, block B: $3,750, Shirley Mary Ohler Dedebant to Todd C. Hatheway.

Prosper Drive 61466: $246,000, Barry Lynn Bordher, Stephen Borchers, Kimberly B. Arizmendez and Victoria Borchers to Gregory J. Arabie Jr. and Lisan Ann Tadlock Arabie.

W. Springmill Drive 61109: $170,000, Scott Alan Haynes to James Earl Dunn III.


Bedico Creek subdivision, apportionment of ground: $797,289, Bedico Creek Preserve LLC to Bedico Interests LLC.

Brown Trasher Loop North 609: $239,000, John M. Taylor Jr. to Kathy Pichoff Penton.

Cypress Bend Lane 2029: $349,900, Yar Construction Co. Inc. to Susan G. McMillan.

De Zaire Drive 336: $294,000, Derzilin O. Gallien and Meghan L. Gallien to Herman Lynn Turner and Gwendolyn F. Turner.

Deciduous Loop 664: $286,750, Shaw Investments LLC to Barry Lejeune and Kristy Lejeune.

Deer Park Court 1256: $251,000, Robert O. Smith and Katherine B. Smith to Roger J. Nelson III and Lauren G. Nelson.

Greentree Lane 420: $352,000, John Chakwin III and Poppy M. Chakwin to Thomas C. Parks Jr. and Fernanda L. Coelho Parks.

Kristian Court 512: $425,000, North Lake Builders LLC to Matthew P. Dovie and Jennifer D. Dovie.

Lost Lake Lane 3033: $255,900, Alvarez Construction Co. LLC to Derek C. Frederick and Amy B. Frederick.

Near Madisonville, apportionment of ground: $104,000, Scott Fanning and Angela B. Fanning to Donald Kimberlin and Tanya Kimberlin.

Pencarrow Circle 308: $585,000, Thomas C. Pigott and Jayne D. Pigott to Jose A. Perez and Rhonda B. Perez.

Periwinkle Court 1501: $365,000, Vista Builders LLC to Ace Riley Foyil.

Perrilloux Road 299: donation, no value stated, Glenn A. Roberts and Norma M. Roberts to Melissa I. Roberts.

Pine Grove Loop 636: $331,725, DSLD Homes LLC to Jason B. McKenzie and Patti B. McKenzie.

Red Gum Court 405: $418,000, Steven Mark Berry and Carolyn R. Berry to John C. Leimkuhler and Molly E. Leimkuhler.

Sections 7, 8, municipality 7 south operation 10 east, apportionment of ground: $10 and other profitable consideration, Joy Stiglets Budwine to Charles J. Roth and Linda S. Roth.

Spring Haven Lane 1040: $392,200, Nova Contracting LLC to Scott J. Yrle Jr. and Sarah C. Yrle.

Spring Haven Lane 1084: $359,000, Brian H. Bramble and Beth A. Bramble to Louis Mitchell and Devetral B. Mitchell.

Spring Haven subdivision, Phase 2, lot 36: $67,000, Spring Haven LLC to CC Homebuilders Construction Inc..

Spring Haven subdivision, Phase 2, lots 31, 49: $139,500, Spring Haven LLC to HR Construction Co. Inc..

St. Tammany St. 405: $225,000, RDG Construction Development LLC to Investar Bank.

W. Louisiana Highway 22 1863: donation, no value stated, Matthew Ruffino to Kristen Knight Ruffino.


Acadian Lane 138: $398,500, John M. Zolynsky and Myrna S. Zolynsky to Frank R. Gatti and Amy B. Gatti.

America St. 1302: $144,500, Kathy Pichoff Penton to Manuel Martin Brule.

Armand St. 955: $200,000, Kevin A. Helm to Paul J. Giangrosso and Denise A. Giangrosso.

Baudot Trace subdivision, lots 7, 8, block 6: $25,000, DF Asset Co. to Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West.

Belle Maison subdivision, lots 8, 10, block 257: $150,000, Darling Design Homes Inc. to Campbell Contractors LLC.

Carondelet St. 745: $195,000, Robin Scarbro Walsdorf Onstead to Carrie Rooks-Jones.

Catalpa Lane 111: $140,000, Jefferson Redwood LLC to Christopher J. Carrigee.

Chateau Village subdivison, lot 196-A-1, block 15: $365,000, Christopher J. Fusilier and Angela B. Fusilier to Henry Matherne and Jackie Matherne.

Cherry Creeek Drive 154: $402,000, Stacia S. Shepherd to Alexander Thomas Lorenz and Wendy Velardo Lorenz.

Cherry Creek Drive 116: donation, no value stated, Kevin P. McShan to Bridgette Rene Miramon.

Colonial Court 427: $150,000, donation, Althea Katherine Voltz Hawxhurst to Althea Katherine Voltz Hawxhust Residence Trust.

Colonial Court 427: $75,000, donation, Erle Joseph Hawxhurst to Holly E. Marie H. DeBautte.

Delta Drive 262: $565,000, Hilbert J. Dedreu and Carmen J. Thomassen to Thomas T. Tran and Huyen T. Nguyen.

Destin St. 2300: $125,000, Daniel D. Richard Jr. and Rose V. Richard to Diana Richard Cutliff.

Elderberry Loop 1542: $345,000, Conrad L. Gavel and Elizabeth H. Gavel to Carey L. Meredith Jr..

Florence Road 21352: $195,000, Richard J. Thebault and Mary J. Thebault to Jeremy A. Thebault and Jenni M. Thebault.

Forest Loop 311: $143,750, Martin J. McCray and Apr Stump Cleveland Mccray to Cameron N. Wetzel and Megan C. Wetzel.

Forest Park Estates, lots 69, 70: $1,494,450, First NBC Bank to Flounder Investments LLC.

Fountains subdivision, lot 6: $94,000, donation, Elaine P. Smith to Sybil S. Alexander.

Hampton Court 101, Unit 292: $105,000, John B. Stoddard Jr. and Patricia R. Stoddard to Brandy Harris.

Hector St. 19273: $163,319, ARNS Inc. to John A. Ellis.

Hector St. 19273: $150,000, Protium Master Grantor Trust to ARLP Securitizitation Trust Series 2015-1.

Libra Ave. 210: $170,000, Rutan Family Trust and Laura Bennett to Chris J. Lopez and Sarah R. Lopez.

Mandeville Annex subdivision, lot 28-A, block 4: $145,000, Stefan Milton Meyer to Laura Leigh Reese and Lauren E. Kimball.

Monroe St. 2695: $430,000, Edwin W. Eley II and Carol C. Eley to Gerard J. Morton.

Montgomery St. 849: $230,000, Dax Thomas Games and Robin Gale Chaffin Games to Stephn C. Reese and Diane Gregg Reese.

N. Beau Chene Drive no. 2 640: $280,000, David T. Green to Michael V. Ruk and Patricia L. Ruk.

Near Mandeville, lots 28, 29: $204,378, Gulf States Glass Enterprises we LLC to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Near Mandeville, apportionment of ground: $149,250, Donald J. Harper, David M. Harper, Linda Harper Honeycutt, Thomas E. Harper and Ronald G. Harper to Kristen Marie Harper.

Pineland Park Estates, Phase 1, lot 46: $50,000, Jack Lee Sharpe to Blue Infinity LLC.

Preval St. 931: $182,500, James P. Sterling to Thomas J. Schramm.

Rue Beauvais 1260: $386,000, Michael T. Dorris Jr. and Blythe D. Dorris to Richard M. Owens and Melody D. Owens.

S. Court Villa Drive 38: $211,000, Marianne Woolner Westbrook and Mary Rita Smith to Elizabeth Mattox Tarkington.

S. Strain Road 68076: $255,000, Suzanne B. Royes to Todd M. Navarro Sr. and Ashley M. Navarro.

Sanctuary subdivision, Phase 3-A, lot 197-A-1: $191,140, Bradley A. Williams and Robyn A. Pipkin Williams to John T. Campo Associates Inc.

Section 13, municipality 7 south, operation 11 east, lot 27: $54,306, Gulf States Enterprises we LLC to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Shadow Oak Lane 819: $346,000, Nicholas V. Gristina and Brenda C. Gristina to Kerryn F. Liebkemann.

Shongaloo Lane 114: $433,000, Bridget Westover-Schwartz and period of John Sanders Schwartz to Dennis L. Legendre and Susan S. Legendre.

Town of Mailleville subdivision, lot 1-A, block 37, 43: $1,800,000, Millco Covington LLC to Paul O. Parker and Ruth Ann S. Parker.

Town of Mandeville, apportionment of ground: $75,000, Jitterbug Partners LLC to William D. Whittington and Sharon M. Whittington.

Trace Loop 178-80-82-84: $430,500, GTM Engineering Management LLC to Knot N Titled Investment Group LLC.

Valmont St. 1844: $167,500, Thu Hong Phan to Xuan T. Phan.

Willow Oak Lane 708: $230,000, BMRC Properties LLC to Christopher M. Adams and Magdelena M. Adams.


Edgar Kennedy Road 34383: $184,900, Jerry Hanna and Jessica B. Hanna to Carl F. James and Robyn H. James.

Oaks At Taylor Farm subdivision, lot 5: $45,000, Oaks At Taylor Farm LLC to Devin C. Shahine.

Ponderosa Ranches subdivision, Phase 4, lot 220: $17,500, Ponderosa Ranches LLC to Vincent J. Nicolosi and Virginia D. Ruiz.

Sticker Road 64377: $193,000, Roger H. Sissac Jr. and Nanette B. Sissac to John R. Randall III and Courtney R. Randall.


Aberdeen Drive 133: $274,000, Fred Zoller Jr. and Jennifer W. Zoller to Michael Goff.

Abney Country Air subdivision, lot 40, block B: $138,000, Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Thaddeus Thomas and Ashley Thomas.

Anita Place 105: $255,000, Jennifer M. Papa to Jordan Calandro.

Belair subdivision, Phase 1-H, lot 187: $194,000, Carlos Pizana and Andrea L. Pizana to Henry Anderson and Donna Anderson.

Blackfin Cove 127: $240,000, Colleen A. Brandy to Thomas H. Schomburg.

Canberra Court 204: $88,350, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Chad R. McNeil.

Charles Court 411: $185,325, First Horizon Alternative Mortgage Securities Trust 2007-5 to Erin Sandmann.

Charles Drive 108: $10 and other good and profitable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Porte Rouge Enterprises LLC.

City of Slidell, lots 8, 9, 10, block 10: $675,000, Whitney Bank to 2253 Carey St. LLC.

Clipper Drive 111: $210,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Benjamin Frank.

Darcy Lane 111: $230,000, Jerry L. Pellegrini and Helen D. Pellegrini to Nicholas A. Schiro.

Dillion Drive 140: $241,000, Masood M. Faizi and Patricia Michelle Crooks Faizi to Lawrence Whittle and Michelle Marie Whittle.

Driftwood Circle 120: $166,000, Gerald D. Sexton and Margaret D. Sexton to Christopher Pettit.

E. Augusta Lane 206: $310,000, Harriet Bush Toups to Josephine D. Gambino.

E. Queens Drive 125: $136,000, Chantelle P. Phillips to Keith Robinson and Linette Robinson.

Englewood Drive 1535: $191,000, Richard L. Heverly Jr. and Yvonne Marie Heverly to Craig D. Bosse and Cynthia M. Bosse.

Eton St. 3868: $134,025, Gerald P. Leonard to Daniel F. Credeur.

Everest Drive 111: $205,000, Kathy Eden Borja to Robert M. Billeaud and Melissa S. Billeaud.

Foxbrier Court 200: $132,000, Sloan Homes LLC to Joevell Vincent and Raesheen Marie Smith Vincent.

Goldenwood Drive 132: $225,000, John P. Gaffney to Matthew J. Loechler and Trisha M. Jay Loechler.

Hermadel Estates, lot 80: $86,000, Melissa Ware Cope to Sean M. Morrison.

Hickory Drive 417: $80,000, Sharon M. Bernard to Marta Anderson Badon.

Indian Village 255: $130,000, Grossimon Living Trust to SS Commercial Inc.

Jay St. 2025: $123,000, Kathleen Noel Ghergich Firmin to Robert E. Campo and Kathleen B. Campo.

Lake Borgne Court 816: $166,000, Nathan Ayo and Joan Parker Ayo to Dustin Deffes and Fallon L. Deffes.

Lakeshore Estates, lot 267: $120,000, Donald F. Rulh Jr. and Kelli R. Rulh to Robert E. Reeves and Laurien L. Reeves.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 2-B, lots 71, 72: $215,000, Tammany Holding Co. LLC to Jason B. Kennedy.

Lakeshore Village Drive 681: $222,500, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Shawn Chopin II and Jennifer N. Esponge.

Lakeshore Village Drive 709: $227,500, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Veronica Veal Allen.

Legendre Drive 618: $216,500, Jennifer Matranga Harding to Daniel G. Ridgel and Marybeth M. Ridgel.

Maine Ave. 1111: $100 and other good and profitable considerations, Erin Melea Butcher Hjersted to Lawrence N. Hjersted.

Matthews Drive 128: $157,500, Donald R. Romero, Dona L. Albers, Darla M. Farve and Devin H. Romero to Michelle A. Dennis.

McBeth Court 1005: $75,000, Khanh Thai Nguyen to Phuong-Thanh Thi Nguyen.

Michigan Ave. 1048: $142,000, Ann Amonda Dickinson Smith to Brian M. Baudoin.

Michigan Ave. 810: $164,900, Judy Allen Plaeger to Rebecca Kennedy.

Moonraker Drive 145: $232,000, Succession of Arbie G. Herring and Gretchen O. Herring to David W. Moore.

Near Slidell, apportionment of ground: $135,000, B and CP Corp. to Inferno Customz LLC.

Near Slidell, apportionment of ground: $130,000, Grossimon Living Trust to SS Commercial Inc.

Near Slidell, apportionment of ground: $29,000, Leslie L. Albriton II to Anthony J. Nata.

Ned Ave. 109: $20,000, Beau Eric Gast to Damien M. Pittman.

Nicklaus Drive 305: $345,000, Ross Savoie Construction LLC to Lee Anne Olson Cousins.

Old River Road 2012: $295,000, Noel P. Blanton and Dayna B. Blanton to Jason L. Kuehl and Jennifer L. Wright Kuehl.

Oriole St. 2308: $154,900, Sigur Home Inc. to Alexandra E. White.

Otis Drive 68442: $5,000, Brenda A. Dauth to Louis Sears.

Pelican St. 2110: $129,000, John M. Pittman and Tory L. Adams to Kendra M. Thomas.

Pine Shadows Drive 404: $167,000, Eric Shives and Renee Shives Family revocable trust to Constance D. Newman Robair.

Pine Shadows subdivision, lot 17: $19,000, Flo-Ron Properites LLC to Barbin Builders Inc.

Rama St. 3280: $120,000, Shannon Ware Cooper to Henry L. Picado and Tina M. Picado.

Riviera Drive 4041: $136,000, Yolanda Susan Boley Ryan to Torey J. Dickerson and Paula Michelle J. Dickerson.

Rose Meadow Loop 1151: $143,000, George L. Thibodeaux to Harlan T. Williamson.

Rue Holiday 111: $245,000, Raymond J. Burger and Edna Louise Minton Burger to Jason M. Harrell and Brittney W. Harrell.

Section 44, municipality 9 south, operation 14 east, apportionment of ground: $29,000, Leslie L. Albritton II to Anthony J. Nata.

Sewell St. 1020: $306,500, Paul I. Morgan and Leesa J. Morgan to Antonio J. Rosado and Tandreika S. Clark.

Slidell Ave. 2650: $75,000, Ryan R. Peyroux and Tiffany Peroni Peyroux to Barbara G. Owens.

Smart Place 102: $636,000, Pristas Properties LLC to Fleur De Bell LLC.

Spartan Trace 517, Unit 8205: $60,000, Paul B. Collins and Linda C. Collins to Marilyn D. Alfano.

Spring Drive 59510: $145,500, Neil C. Verges and Victoria P. Verges to Charles E. Lindell.

Stratford Drive 114: $198,500, Kristina R. Chervenka to William J. Silva Jr. and Belinda O. Silva.

Teddy Ave. 402: $229,500, Rebecca Kennedy to Warren C. Stovall and Vicki D. Stovall.

Timberlane Drive 505: $169,900, Jeffery C. Puckett and Pamela I. Puckett to Joshua J. Narcisse and Karli E. Dours.

W. Forest St. 95: $196,000, Debra Yonan Rhyce to Anthony F. Abadie and Lauren L. Pointevent.

W. Lake Court 221: $227,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Donnell Williams.

W. Lake Court 228: $230,500, D. R. Horton Inc.Gulf Coast to Paul W. Westbrook and Lauren E. Westbrook.

Westminster Drive 328: $147,000, Henry P. Calamari and Kimberly S. Moore to David B. Adams.

Whitehall Drive 117: $150,500, Jordan Paige III to Talitha A. Thomas.


Brin Farms subdivision, lot 14: $54,000, Andrew Moran to Charles A. Ostarly Jr. And Mary N. Ostarly.

Bob Baxter Road 80695: $185,000, Jeffery Lyonel Purvis to George J. Peake.

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