St. George’s Trey Amico prepared to mangle Tiger Woods’ record during Junior Worlds

Tiger Woods — a 14-time majors champion — has set countless annals over a impetus of his career, though come Sunday, one of those annals is about to tumble interjection to an up-and-coming star right here in St. George, Utah.

Standing 48 inches high and weighing usually over 50 pounds, Trey Amico puts a youth in Junior Worlds and will turn a youngest actor to ever contest during a IMG Academy Junior World Championships.

“When we found out we were all usually vacant and shocked,” pronounced Patrick Amico, Trey’s father. “Trey usually incited 5 in Apr so we were means to kick Tiger by a integrate of months. It’s unequivocally neat, though it’s still flattering crazy to consider about.”

To contend that golf runs in a family would be an understatement.

Trey’s grandpa is nothing other than mythological golfer and St. George local Jay Don Blake. The former 1980 NCAA Individual champion is now ranked 64th in a world with several top-25 finishes this season.

When Blake isn’t on tour, we can find him working on his diversion or training his grandchildren a diversion that he loves.

“Every time a grandkids come over to a residence they run true over to a clubs and they usually start putting,” he said. “They are unequivocally into it, and it’s been a lot of fun examination them grow into a game. But many importantly, they are carrying fun along a way.”

When Trey was usually a few months aged and before he could even crawl, Blake got Trey his possess golf bar set.

“Exactly 5 years ago today, Trey got his golf initial set from Grandpa,” Patrick said. “It’s been fun examination him try to pitch a clubs over a years, and now to see a swell he’s done is flattering special. Jay Don has been so overwhelming not usually with removing Trey clubs though training him and being his coach. And what improved manager could we ask for than to have a former NCAA Champion and PGA and Champions Tour winner.”

During a U.S Kids Junior contest in Las Vegas, Trey got a warn of his life when Jay Don showed adult to be his caddie.

“Trey has been perplexing to get me to caddie for a while now,” Blake said. “It was a lot of fun and something we’ll remember for a rest of a lives.”

With a singular week off, Blake done certain to demeanour a partial when he done a expostulate down to warn Trey.

With his caddie bib on — from one of a tournaments that he had won — Blake went all out to make all official. After shopping some Velcro, Blake transposed his name with Trey’s and walked a whole impetus by his side.

“Playing in tournaments is my favorite thing,” Trey pronounced with a large smile. “I adore them.”

And with Grandpa by his side, Trey was all smiles.

“I usually wanted to demeanour a partial and to make all central for him. we had my yardage pen with me as good as a cover to write some things down. Trey was still training to review it so he would ask me what was in a cover and we would tell him things like ‘it says to call to your family and to blow them lots of kisses,” Blake recalled. “I usually wanted to mangle adult a vigour and to make certain he had a good time and was enjoying it.”

With appetite that would put a energizer bunny to shame, Trey keeps bustling not usually personification golf, though plays soccer, basketball as good as jiu jitsu.

“It’s incredible,” Blake said. “He’s one of a many jaunty kids that I’ve seen for his age. He excels during all and is usually gifted.”

Because St. George didn’t have a basketball organisation for his age group, Trey went and played in Las Vegas with boys that were usually a bit comparison than he was. But with family in Las Vegas, it all worked out as Trey got to uncover off his skills in front of friends and family.

During one of a games, Trey scored “too many points.”

“They told us that he couldn’t measure in a second half since he had too many points already,” Patrick pronounced laughing. “I was like, though we gathering all a approach down from St. George to play.”

On tip of soccer and basketball, jiu jitsu has helped Trey stay mentally focused out on a links.

“Ace Martial Arts does an unimaginable pursuit and that’s unequivocally helped him with his concentration and control. Out on a impetus we’ve beheld that it helps him stay staid and assured too,” Patrick added.

Going adult opposite some of a tip golfers in a whole world, Trey will need to stay focused with some-more than 1,200 participants representing some-more than 56 countries and 42 states.

With opening and shutting ceremonies, players will impetus in with a dwindle from their country. For those in a United States, any actor will travel in holding adult their state flag.

Past winners during Junior Worlds embody Jason Day, Ernie Els, David Toms, and Woods who have left on to have really successful golfing careers.

After already assembly former Woods’ pitch manager and being on a golf channel and finishing during a tip of a leaderboard during JAG each week, Trey will demeanour to supplement another fulfilment as he takes on a universe in a 6 and underneath multiplication during a Junior Worlds in San Diego, California.

If he does win, don’t design Trey to let it go to his head.

“He’s flattering common and we like it that way,” Patrick said.

During one of his tournaments in Las Vegas, Trey shot one of this best rounds of his life, usually to come in fourth.

“I suspicion he was going to be flattering unhappy when we got in a car, though afterwards he incited during looked during me and said, ‘I consider Heavenly Father wanted other kids to be happy today,’” Patrick pronounced laughing. He’s a good child and we are so unapproachable of him.”

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