Spurs-Rockets: 5 keys to Game 4

  • Spurs' Kawhi Leonard (02) scores opposite Houston Rockets' Ryan Anderson (03) and Nene Hilario (42) in Game 3 during a Toyota Center on Friday, May 5, 2017. Spurs degraded a Rockets, 103-92. (Kin Man Hui/San Antonio Express-News) Photo: Kin Man Hui, Staff / San Antonio Express-News / ©2017 San Antonio Express-News



The Spurs can take a autocratic 3-1 array lead with a win over a Rockets in Game 4. Here is what they need to do to take down Houston.

1. Keep using Houston off a line

Houston buried a Spurs underneath an avalanche of 3-pointers in Game 1, drilling 22 triples on an absurd 50 attempts.

Regression to a meant was expected, though a Spurs also came softened prepared in Games 2 and 3, badgering Houston into going 23 of 73 from deep. The Spurs contested 53 of those attempts, per NBA tracking data.

Houston is 15-18 this deteriorate when it fails to strike during slightest 13 threes, that it has finished in dual true games.

Not coincidentally, a Spurs’ softened invulnerability came as manager Gregg Popovich extrinsic Pua Gasol into a starting lineup and shifted Kawhi Leonard onto James Harden.

Leonard has hounded Harden, his teammates have run a Rockets off a 3-point line, and Gasol and Aldridge have finished a excellent pursuit safeguarding a edge when disharmony unfolds.

They’ll need to keep that adult in Game 4.

2. Force Houston into a middle

Mid-range jumpers are aversion to all a Rockets do. Just 8 percent of their shots came in that area during a unchanging season.

The Spurs’ plan forced Houston into holding some-more of a shots it hates in Game 3 – a Rockets went 1 of 10 on mid-range shots.

The Rockets have surrounded Harden with able 3-point snipers and slashers, though they onslaught when forced to put adult 15-18 footers or crack adult using floaters.

3. Control a tempo

Game 1 looked like a competition between Usain Bolt and Charles Barkley.

The Spurs’ icy offense authorised Houston to manipulate a pace, pulling a Spurs into a competition they had no possibility of winning.

The gait slowed extremely in a Spurs’ dual wins, dropping from 105.36 security per 48 mins in a opening diversion to 90.26 in Game 2 and 100.36 in Game 3.

As a consequence, a Rockets have totaled 21 fast-break points in dual waste after recording 27 in their Game 1 rout.

Avoiding dear turnovers and sharpened a high commission from a margin are pivotal to mitigating Houston’s transition attack.

The Spurs’ 20 turnovers in Game 3 were distant too many notwithstanding a win, and it will be increasingly formidable to over Houston if they continue to play so loosely with a rock.

4. Get Aldridge going early

LaMarcus Aldridge was digitally crucified after his four-point opening in Game 1.

He responded by scoring 41 points on 18-of-35 sharpened over his past dual games, going for a postseason-high 26 in Game 3.

Aldridge awoke early in both of those contests, scoring 6 points in a initial entertain of each.

The Spurs’ energetic seems to change drastically when he gets rolling early, forcing Houston to change some of a concentration divided from Leonard, who continues to be mobbed by mixed defenders.

A assured Aldridge creates a universe of difference.

5. Don’t play Harden’s game

Harden is a shining descent player. He is also maybe a many frustrating star in a league.

He looks to trigger contact, quite behind a arc, by possibly ripping by of flailing his limbs. And there might be no actor some-more skilful during slithering by a line and sketch sharpened fouls.

Losing possibly Leonard or Danny Green to tainted difficulty early on could spell doom for a Spurs, quite if a former picks adult dual discerning ones in a game’s opening minutes.

The Spurs have outscored Houston by 8.3  points per 100 security with Leonard on a justice this series; that net rating drops to -15.8 when he sits.

Green going to a dais also formula in a substantial swing, with a team’s net rating dropping from 5.5 to -1.7.

It’s easier pronounced than done, though a Spurs contingency equivocate holding a attract in Game 4.


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