Spurs list Leonard as controversial for Game 3

5:53 PM ET

SAN ANTONIO — The Spurs strictly listed star brazen Kawhi Leonard as controversial for Saturday’s Game 3 of a Western Conference finals opposite a Golden State Warriors.

Leonard attended Friday’s examination though didn’t participate. He didn’t seem to be walking with a limp.

“It’s removing better. I’ve been during practice, usually examination things — a lot of treatment,” Leonard said. “It’s frustrating. You work all year to get to this point, and [not] being means to assistance your group win a diversion or usually being means to play, it’s all unequivocally frustrating.”

He reinjured his left ankle Sunday during a second half of San Antonio’s 113-111 detriment in Game 1 to a Warriors. Spurs manager Gregg Popovich mentioned after Game 1 that he expected Leonard’s liberation to take longer than when he creatively suffered a damage in Game 5 of a Western Conference semifinals.

Popovich didn’t yield any some-more sum Friday, though he combined that Leonard’s long-term health is “always a factor” in creation a final decision.

“Either he’s gonna play or he’s not,” Popovich said. “Everything else, we usually work on what we wish to work on.”

Popovich pronounced Leonard’s usually appearance during a examination on Friday was sharpened a ball.

Since Leonard over Game 1 with 7:54 left in a third quarter, a Warriors have outscored a Spurs 194-133. In Leonard’s absence, a group has shot 37 percent from a field, including 8-of-30 from 3-point range, while a Warriors are joining on 57 percent of their shots, including 24-of-54 from deep.

Leonard certified a ankle is “still not ready” for movement though likely he “could be feeling approach better” on Saturday before Game 3.

“[I’m] usually saying if we can run and during slightest be myself on a court,” Leonard said. “I don’t wish to totter around and fire off-balance shots. we usually wish to be means to equally pull with both legs. We’re 8 games divided from a ultimate goal. So that’s usually my mindset during a moment, usually perplexing to get better.”

For their part, a Warriors trust Leonard will take a justice on Saturday.

“I’m certain he’s going to play,” Kevin Durant told reporters. “It’s Game 3 during home. He’s had a few days of rest on that ankle, so we know 100 percent certain he’s going to play. we haven’t talked to anybody, though that’s usually my gut.”

Added Draymond Green: “You’re going to prepared for him to play. No doubt in my mind that he’ll play. And it’s a lot easier to adjust to him not personification afterwards it is to go in with a mindset that he’s not going to play afterwards all of a sudden, he’s out there. So, we’re unequivocally going in with a mindset that he’s personification and we don’t design anything other than that.”

Veteran ensure Manu Ginobili pronounced a Spurs’ mindset won’t change streamer into Game 3 down 2-0 in a array with a probability appearing that a bar could be but Leonard.

“You wish that he’s prepared and he can assistance us,” Ginobili said. “If he doesn’t, we’ll try to face a diversion as if it’s a Game 7. We know going down 3-0 will be unequivocally tough to overcome. Game 3 is huge. So we had a tough one in Game 2. We struggled in mixed ways, and we unequivocally need to take a subsequent one.”

ESPN’s Chris Haynes contributed to this report.

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