Spurs 2017-18 Player Reviews: Joffrey Lauvergne

Welcome to a 2017-18 deteriorate actor reviews, where we will be rehashing a opening of all 15 Spurs from this deteriorate (excluding two-way players Darrun Hilliard and Matt Costello) and looking towards a future. If you’ve missed any we can click here to locate up. Up next:

Joffrey Lauvergne

2017-18 stats: 4.1 points, 3.1 rebounds, 51.6 FG%

2017-2018 salary: $1.52 million

Contract: 1 year, $1.66 million remaining (player option)

With David Lee timid and Dewayne Dedmon usurpation a some-more remunerative agreement elsewhere, a Spurs were in need of a third large on a cheap. Enter Lauvergne: a French teammate of Tony Parker’s who had been a journeyman in his initial 3 NBA seasons though had a versatile diversion that seemed like it could work good in a Spurs system, especially for a minimum.

While he wasn’t what we would call a critical hazard from over a arc (although he shot 35% from 3 a before deteriorate with a Thunder), he could during slightest widen a floor. He was also deliberate an above-average passer for his position and an enterprising (if unspectacular) defender. During a preseason he looked a partial of another Spurs steal, averaging 8 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3 assists in normal minutes.

However, once a unchanging deteriorate began it was mostly downhill for Lauvergne. He missed 10 true games early while traffic with a family matter, and interjection to a multiple of his possess shortcomings and a Spurs experimenting with tiny round some-more often, he frequency got many time in non-rest games.

Some of those shortcomings — like his miss of an descent hold divided from a edge and difficulty grabbing/holding onto a round — could be attributed to a nasty dislocated finger suffered in Dec vs. OKC. If 0 else he showed he was one tough dude when it happened, distinct fundamentally everybody else in a building (including Gregg Popovich):

Joking aside, that finger took longer to reanimate than it should have and remained splinted for many of a season, that might have attacked him of many of his game. Still, he wasn’t a writer he was sealed to be (even during a minimum). It might be astray if his finger is to blame, and he was tough to play by it, though there was a reason he got 3 out of 5 votes for LVP in a many new In a Bonus.

Looking Forward

With a actor option, Lauvergne controls his possess destiny. He has until Jun 29 to decide, and what a Spurs do in a breeze a week before that might play a purpose in his decision. However, if we were him I’d opt in and wish he gets a possibility to infer himself to them or someone else for a future.

Otherwise, there might not be a guaranteed mark for him in a league. With a ability to be a stretch-five being his categorical job label among large men, attack 0 of 5 three-point attempts on a deteriorate won’t remonstrate many to go after him this time around, during slightest not as anything some-more than top filler.

If he does lapse to San Antonio, he’ll need to infer he’s good adequate to acquire unchanging minutes, even if he only stays around a edge in a some-more normal core role. Similar numbers to his days in Denver or OKC would go along approach towards securing an NBA career, wherever that might be.

Top Performance

Feb. 13 vs. Nuggets: 26 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists

Final Grade: D+

Up next: Tony Parker

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