Spurs’ 1980 Draft Pick Wants Second Chance to Wear Silver and Black

click to enlarge Calvin Roberts, 61, was collect 83rd altogether by a San Antonio Spurs in a 1980 NBA Draft. - ABC NEWS

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  • Calvin Roberts, 61, was collect 83rd altogether by a San Antonio Spurs in a 1980 NBA Draft.

It’s zero new to hear NBA pundits call a San Antonio Spurs aged any year, though if 61-year-old Calvin Roberts has his way, there only competence be some law to that unchanging critique this arriving season.

Roberts, who played college basketball during Cal State Fullerton, was a Spurs’ collect (83rd overall) during a fourth turn of a 1980 NBA Draft. The Spurs never sealed Roberts to a contract, so a 6-8 energy brazen went abroad where he played turn for 15 seasons with teams in Austria, Israel, Istanbul, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Although he late years ago, Roberts, who has 5 children and dual grandchildren, pronounced he now wants a second possibility to play for an NBA team, privately a group that drafted him 37 years ago, a San Antonio Spurs.

Roberts pronounced he has created large letters to teams around a joining over a past year, including a Spurs, seeking them to entice him to play in this year’s NBA Las Vegas Summer League, that kicks off this Friday, to infer he still has what it takes to play during a top level.

Although he hasn’t perceived a response from anyone, including TV speak uncover horde Ellen DeGeneres, who he also reached out to in hopes of garnering some support, Roberts hasn’t given up. Chances are slim to none, however, that he’ll be removing a call from a Spurs given they already announced their 14-man Summer League register late final week. The oldest actor on this year’s summer team: 29-year-old rookie ensure Jeff Ledbetter from a University of Idaho.

The Current held adult with Roberts on a phone this past weekend from his home in Las Vegas to speak about what is pulling his preference to try a comeback, his summary to a Spurs’ coaching staff and if he unequivocally thinks he can ensure Anthony Davis in a post.

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Take us behind to Jun 10, 1980, a day we were selected in a fourth turn of a NBA Draft by a San Antonio Spurs. What was going by your mind when we found out we were picked?

we was during Cal State Fullerton University and we knew a breeze was happening, though we went to a gym to fire around since we suspicion we competence get picked in a after rounds. But afterwards a actor came into a gym and said, “Cal, we did it! You got drafted!” we said, “Really? By who?” They said, “The San Antonio Spurs.” The propagandize called me after and reliable that San Antonio had drafted me. It took a while for it to soak in that we was drafted. Trust me, we was happy.

How unhappy were we when a Spurs or another NBA group didn’t pointer we to a agreement that season?

To tell we a truth, we felt like we was so tighten to creation it. we didn’t know what to design going to summer camp. Right now, I’m during a gym and using and lifting weights and eating right. I’m doing all we know we need to do to prepared for camp. we didn’t do that after we got drafted in 1980. Now, we know what we need to do and what we need to show. I’m prepared to go behind and try again. I’m only anticipating for a best. Physically, I’m ready. If we got another possibility to be on a team, generally a San Antonio Spurs, I’d be ecstatic.

Why do we wish this so bad? What is pulling you?

we don’t know, though whatever it is, we was innate with it. I’ve lived my life and don’t wish to demeanour behind and bewail anything. we have an instinct in me that keeps me pulling forward. we don’t know where it comes from. But I’ll tell you, to get a shot to play with a Spurs would put me in another world.

What summary would we like to give to manager Gregg Popovich and a rest of a Spurs’ coaching staff?

What we would like to contend to them is that I’ve been examination them over a years. we saw how Tim Duncan prepared himself before he retired. He got in improved shape. He showed me a enterprise can be there. He’s a one that got me going and got me started. He desirous me. If they do give me another chance, we will do my best to make a difference. we will try to play any position they put me in, even if it’s during center. we will give it my all and won’t give up. we will do what it takes to get there and stay there.

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You spent many of your career in a energy brazen position overseas. Are we unequivocally prepared to ensure a likes of Anthony Davis and Blake Griffin?

Yes, since I’m going to use all a believe I’ve breathed in personification with all these opposite teams. I’m going to take any game, any group and any actor as they come. I’m going to do whatever it takes to get a pursuit done. I’m going to review a actor and watch videos. I’ll have to figure out a approach to delayed him down or run with him or outshoot him. I’ll do whatever it takes to be prepared for those immature players. I’m not observant I’ll be means to stop them 100 percent, though they’re going to know I’m there.

You demeanour during someone like Vince Carter who is 40 or Manu Ginobili who will be 40 when a deteriorate starts or Dirk Nowitzki who is 39 – all these players would tell we they’re during a finish of their careers. Do we comprehend how rare it is to do what you’re asking? we mean, a oldest actor ever to play in a NBA was Nat Hickey in 1948, and he was 45.

Well, creation story wasn’t my intention. My goal is that we missed out on something. My heart and essence is still in it. After we started operative out again, it only clicked. we pronounced to myself, “Why not?” we consider we can do it. I’m in improved figure now than we was in college. Once we start something, I’m never going to give up. If nobody calls me up, I’m still going to be there. I’m going to buy my sheet and lay in a chair and be there and let everybody know I’m there.

NBA Hall of Fame actor Kevin McHale was also drafted in 1980 during a initial turn by a Boston Celtics (3rd overall). Kevin is 59 years old. Do we consider we could kick him one-on-one today?

(Laughs) You’re giving me a challenge! Yes, we consider we could do it. I’ve seen Kevin play. we would take it to him only like we would take it to one of a immature players – hard.

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