Sources: Steve Kerr to transport alone from Warriors due to pass delay

5:29 PM ET

OAKLAND, Calif. — Golden State Warriors manager Steve Kerr will transport alone from a group to China on Sunday, due to a pass estimate delay, joining sources tell ESPN.

A collection of passports were behind — during no error of a Warriors or Kerr — in being ecstatic behind to a group from a East Coast estimate center, sources say.

No players were affected, sources say. Kerr will take a blurb moody after Sunday.

Players were done wakeful of Kerr’s conditions on Saturday after a team’s 108-102 detriment to a Denver Nuggets, according to sources.

If Kerr was forced to sojourn behind, partner Mike Brown would have coached a dual muster games this week opposite a Minnesota Timberwolves in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Brown led a Warriors to an 11-0 playoff symbol final deteriorate when Kerr took time off to find a heal to his ailments stemming from a botched surgical procession on his behind dual years ago.

The Warriors will lapse to a United States on Oct. 9. Their fourth and final preseason diversion will be on Oct. 13 opposite a Sacramento Kings.

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