Sources: Knicks in hold with Rajon Rondo for Frank Ntilikina coach role

8:57 AM ET

People in hold with a New York Knicks this week came divided with a clarity that a group has dual graphic short-term goals: to find a suitable trade for Carmelo Anthony and to find a maestro indicate ensure to assistance coach rookie Frank Ntilikina.

Members of a classification sojourn carefree they can find a trade for Anthony that creates clarity for all parties (Anthony, who has a no-trade clause, has done it famous that he’d relinquish it for a trade to Houston or Cleveland, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski).

So what about a indicate ensure spot?

The Knicks have overwhelmed bottom with giveaway agents Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo and Shelvin Mack. They were also in hit with George Hill and Darren Collison, though both guards sealed elsewhere.

Rose has met with a Clippers and Bucks, Wojnarowski reported, and he has some supporters in a Knicks organization. But there is distant from a accord on bringing Rose back. The seductiveness in bringing Rose behind on a team-friendly agreement was “legitimate” before Phil Jackson was fired, according to sources.

What about Rondo? It would seem that Rondo is a clever free-agent choice for New York since he could learn Ntilikina a significance and art of pity a round during a NBA level. But several people in hold with a Knicks progressing in a week got a clarity that not everybody in a classification was high on Rondo.

Mack, 27, is a six-year maestro and a good locker-room presence. But he averaged 8 points and 3 assists in 23 mins per diversion final deteriorate and is noticed as a fallback choice as a starter by some in a organization, according to sources.

The Knicks, among other teams, were also contacted by a Boston Celtics about a intensity Marcus Smart trade progressing this week, sources said. The Knicks’ seductiveness in Smart is misleading during this point, though we can assume a Celtics would wish someone like Willy Hernangomez and/or a collect behind in a trade. If so, that would be a high cost for a rebuilding group such as a Knicks to pay.

The Knicks, who have about $15 million in tip space if they revoke a rights to Rose, also showed seductiveness in Dion Waiters. But Waiters motionless to re-sign with a Miami Heat on Wednesday. According to Wojnarowski, Waiters concluded to a understanding with a Heat value $13 million annually. That kind of offer would have taken adult many of a Knicks’ tip space — unless they would’ve privileged some room around trade.

That’s an choice members of a classification have explored during giveaway agency, according to sources.

The apparent possibilities for trades are Courtney Lee and Kyle O’Quinn. And that’s where we get to Spurs limited giveaway representative Jonathon Simmons.

The Knicks have been in hold with Simmons though would substantially need to trade Lee or O’Quinn to make a rival offer for Simmons, one of a tip immature two-way players on a market. Earlier this week, Simmons was in active talks with dual other teams. The Knicks substantially need to make a pierce shortly if they have critical seductiveness in Simmons. Their new hit with him would advise they’re during slightest open to that.

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