Sons of Shaquille O’Neal and Manute Bol browbeat as AAU teammates

Shareef O’Neal doesn’t have his father’s bulk, and Bol Bol appears to have some lively his former father didn’t have during 7-foot-7.

Look out, AAU opposition.

The dual sons of former NBA players are AAU teammates, with both creation their final tours of a summer circuit and in a high propagandize category of 2018.

Shareef O’Neal is a 6-foot-9 energy brazen and a son of Shaquille, one of a NBA’s all-time good players and four-time champion. Shaquille’s series is late by both a Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat.

Bol Bol is a 7-foot core and son of Manute, a tallest actor in joining story who blocked 3.3 shots per diversion for his career and twice led a NBA in blocked shots.

Both play high propagandize round in California and are sketch seductiveness from tip college teams, including Arizona, UCLA and Kansas.

Here’s a between-the-legs asperse from Bol. Yes, he’s 7 feet tall:

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