Slater Says 2020 Olympics Could Be His Swan Song

In between use rounds of a Founders’ Cup in California cow country, a captains for any group (the eventuality will be a group-based competition, if we hadn’t heard) collected in front of microphone and camera-toting reporters of all media outlets (HBO sports and Fox News included) to plead this chronological event.

About median by a talk apportionment of a conference, Kelly Slater (captain for a USA team) was asked if a call pool was used for a 2020 Tokyo Olympics, would he cruise competing? Here’s what a 11-time World Champ had to say:

“Built into a contract, if they use this pool, they have to put me on a team,” Slater jokingly told a reporter. “Possibly. Look, I’m not going to be competing too most longer. If we do make a team, that [surfing in a Olympics] could arrange of be my swan song, potentially. But where I’ve been in a standings, I’m really not a shoe-in for a group so I’ve got to roller my approach onto that thing, and if we do, it’d be a large respect and would symbol 40 years of rival surfing for me.”

The throng paused on that note and afterwards immediately erupted into applause. The 2020 Olympics is still a integrate years away, though you’ve got to admit: creation a Olympic group as a 48-year-old male and dropping a mic afterward would be one ruin of a swan song.

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