Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe envision a Spurs-Warriors Western Conference finals

“Obviously, James Harden doesn’t play for a Golden State Warriors, so we can't bank on James Harden going over south than Galveston and permitting Jonathan Simmons and Dejounte Murray to take over games. Obviously, for Game 1, this is going to come down to, ‘Is Kawhi Leonard 100 percent? Seventy-five percent? Or is he 10 percent with a bad knee and a bad ankle?’ we don’t know, greatfully tell me since we can usually guess.”

Shannon Sharpe: “He can be 1,000 percent and they’ll still get smoked.”

Skip Bayless: “I can usually ensue as if he’ll be 98.7 percent and that that will be enough. I’m a initial to remind myself on Mar 29, a unequivocally bad thing happened to my Spurs. Golden State went into San Antonio with my Spurs during full strength and Golden State, but Kevin Durant, and did a 110-98 series on my Spurs. It was a wipeout, a blowout, a chagrin night for my Spurs.”

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