Skip Bayless explains because Kevin Durant’s lapse will harm a Warriors

“It’s tough for me to trust that a former MVP All-NBA actor could harm a group that’s won 13 games. No KD, no jewelry. If Klay and Steph struggle, we know KD can go get 30 or 40 if he needs to. They’re even improved defensively when he’s on a floor. The dude is 6-11, 7-6 wingspan. He blocks some-more shots. He became some-more defensive-oriented given he got to Golden State. If we span him with Draymond, and they’re even improved defensively.

“Let’s take Tom Brady. The Patriots were 3-1 but Tom Brady. Nobody disturbed about how they’d be when he got behind since he took them to another level. we will agree, in this 13-game winning streak, there have been spurts where Golden State looked improved but KD than with KD.”

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