Skip Bayless: Dustin Johnson could turn a closest thing we’ve seen to Tiger Woods

“How many can he win? I’m going to go conservative, I’m going to contend three. Because my doubt is will he take advantage of a talent? As we mentioned, he can repress a golf course, he can strike a round 350. He’s substantially a many gifted golfer that we’ve seen given Tiger.

I determine with you, Paul. The days of ‘I’ve got Tiger, we take a field,’ those days are over. we don’t trust we’ll ever see a conditions like that again. The questions that we have, and we consider a lot of people have for Dustin Johnson is will he have a mental focus, contest in, contest out. Especially during these majors.

We’ve seen a distractions he’s had off a course, we don’t need to get into that. He shows adult during a Masters this year and somehow he falls down a step. we provide vital tournaments in golf like a lottery – we can’t win if we don’t play.

That’s my question. We saw him skip what, a four-foot putt a integrate years ago to get into a playoff – and that what it takes. we know this, in sequence for we to win vital tournaments and win them consistently, we have to be focused for 4 true rounds. You can play good one day and afterwards fire yourself out of a contest a next.”

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