Sizing Up a Spurs’ 21-Season Playoff Streak

The complicated sports universe tends to be cyclical. Teams are up, afterwards they are down. Except a San Antonio Spurs.

With a win over a Kings on Monday night, a Spurs clinched nonetheless another N.B.A. playoff berth, their 21st in a row. That run, that includes 5 N.B.A. titles, is amazing, though not unprecedented, and not even a longest stream strain in vital American sports — if we excavate into a college ranks.

Still, a initial year of a Spurs’ streak, 1998, was so prolonged ago that a group enclosed David Robinson, Chuck Person, Avery Johnson, Will Perdue and Vinny Del Negro, now all in their 50s.

The consistent in a run has been Coach Gregg Popovich, whose towering reign is some-more than 11 years longer than a manager with a second-longest tenure, Erik Spoelstra of a Heat, who has been in assign for a partially insignificant 10 years.


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Popovich, whose interviews can be humorously pugnacious, wasn’t in a mood to demeanour behind on a strain on Monday night, observant “Awww, it’s wonderful,” but serve elaboration.

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