Six reasons to worry about a 2028 Olympics

Mayor Eric Garcetti and a L.A. 2028 Olympic bid cabinet are in a extensive precipitate to pass a new Host City Contract that they negotiated secretly with a International Olympic Committee final month by a City Council. They’ve hosted 0 open village gatherings to privately plead a 2028 bid — unless we count one-minute comments during Friday’s ad hoc legislature assembly — though they wish we to consider that prior deliberations about a 2024 bid should suffice. They don’t.

Make no mistake: L.A. mislaid a 2024 bid to Paris and took a 2028 option, rebranding and pivoting to 2028 as a win instead of a final resort. The L.A. bid cabinet finished second in a competition of two. This is not a delight for anyone. The IOC is attempting to endowment dual Summer Olympics concurrently out of fear that a Olympic code is damaged and that there won’t be mixed (or any) cities opposed for 2028, that would be embarrassing.

Unfortunately for a residents of Los Angeles, City Council members and Garcetti don’t consider it’s required to oldster a 2028 Host City Contract scrupulously around eccentric entities, including conducting financial studies as they did with a 2024 bid proposal. These outward bodies would and should calculate a risk of committing to an Olympics 11 years divided from all probable angles.

There are many essential questions that sojourn unanswered. Here are a many pressing:

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