Shark Week 2017 puts Michael Phelps opposite a good white shark

The many sparkling impulse on both land and sea is roughly here, and it’s kicking off with a bang. Discovery’s rarely expected Shark Week 2017 will get things started with a hitch between humanity’s biggest swimmer and one of nature’s many modernized predators.

Olympian Michael Phelps, leader of 23 Olympic bullion medals and hilt of 39 universe records, isn’t finished committing considerable feats in a water. He’ll flog off Shark Week with “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” on Jul 23 where a contestant will try his palm during racing an honest-to-goodness good white shark.

Obviously, fans should substantially reduce their evident expectations as putting a swimmer in a pool or open H2O with a genuine good white is a recipe for disaster. According to Yahoo TV, a special will try a good white, concede Phelps to dive with them and, ultimately, review times over 100 meters. However, in a seductiveness of not permitting a biggest Olympian of a epoch to spin shark food, Phelps swam a competition final month on open H2O with a reserve of a dicing group in Cape Town, South Africa, where his time was matched opposite that of a good white during tip speed.

I was means to do something that we had always wanted to do. Be in a enclosure and dive with good White sharks 🦈!! #bucketlist

A post common by Michael Phelps (@m_phelps00) on Jun 10, 2017 during 9:52pm PDT

When asked because a 32-year-old swimmer would worry with a test, given that sharks many really float faster than tellurian beings, preparation and oddity seemed to be his running stars.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, sure, because not? Let’s see who would win a race,’” he told Entertainment Weekly “It’s tough for me to competition something that has a speed that they have, and how quick they can spin on a dime is something that’s truly incredible, generally with a distance of these animals. we got in and did my best, and we guys are going to have to see what a outcome is.”

Coincidentally, Shark Week played a large purpose in Phelps life as he worked to spin a record-setting contestant that he is today. Speaking to USA Today, he remarkable that Discovery’s annual eventuality customarily coincides with one of a biggest swimming events of a year. When he wasn’t in a pool, Phelps says he was in his hotel room examination TV. Between that and his pre-existing mindfulness with sharks, he had really small reason to spin down a race.

“Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” premieres Jul 23.

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