Shaquille O’Neal’s son apologizes for father’s unspeakably appalling feet

Whatever we do, don’t demeanour during Shaq’s feet for enlarged durations of time. (David Goldman/AP)

Basketball fans got some-more than they wanted when they tuned into a halftime uncover during a Cleveland Cavaliers’ series-clinching win over a Boston Celtics on Thursday.

Amid a customarily pleasant banter provided by a row of Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, came an picture of such detestation that it substantially should’ve been censored or during slightest accompanied by a warning, like “SHIELD THINE PRECIOUS EYES, MAN!” Instead, O’Neal showed off what was even too unusual for Dante to report in his “Inferno” since Shaq’s feet feel like a ninth round of hell.

Okay … you’ve been warned.

“What is that thing where your large toe should be?” Johnson asked. “It looks like a baked potato and 4 toes!”

Smith suspicion TNT’s video-editing gurus had Photoshopped a feet, since “C’mon, man.”

“That’s disgusting,” Barkley added, factually.

No surprise: The Internet reacted similarly, though with GIFs instead.

The picture valid so traumatizing that even Shaq’s possess son tweeted out an apology.

Then Shareef O’Neal, 17, incited it into a therapy session.

Then a good idea.

Then concern.

Godspeed, Shareef, since this could be we one day.

A gifted high propagandize player, Shareef has committed to Arizona and if he succeeds there, he could go pro. That can be tough on a player’s feet, as Shaq, who wears a distance 22 shoe, so vividly demonstrated.

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