Shaquille O’Neal’s New Vacation Obsession Has Him Hitting a High Seas (and Ducking)

Shaquille O’Neal likes to have large fun.

The 7’1″ former NBA actor has sealed on as a “Chief Fun Officer” of Carnival Cruise Line. As a new CFO, he uses his larger-than-life celebrity in promos and commercials for Carnival. To prepare, he spent some time on a Carnival Vista, a outrageous vessel that can hoop some-more than 3,900 passengers.

PEOPLE chatted with O’Neal and asked him a tough questions about cruising.

Okay, let’s only residence this. You’re 7’1″ tall. Why would we get on a boat? 

You can’t call it a boat. It’s a ship.

What’s a difference? 

The size! A vessel is incomparable than a boat.

So we wouldn’t get on a boat, though you’ll get on a ship? 

I’ll unequivocally get on a journey ship. They’re bigger than they look.

They demeanour flattering large to me. 

When we lived in Miami, I’d expostulate past a journey ships and think, ‘Why do we wish to be on something like that?’ I’d see a windows and they only looked unequivocally small. we didn’t know how large they unequivocally are. But when we get on a ship, we see how atmospheric it is, and all that there is to do.

So do we have to steep a lot on a journey ship, so we don’t strike a ceiling? 

I’m used to ducking. we do it each day. we didn’t have to do it any some-more on a vessel than we do during home. Just to get by a doorway of a cabin. But a regular-sized chairman won’t have to steep during all.

So if Shaquille O’Neal goes on a cruise, what does he do? 

Whatever we wish to do. There’s all sorts of food. There’s a basketball justice and a gym. There’s a casino. There are pools. You can be doing something all day long. we consider it’s a lot of fun.

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So what’s a Shaq cruising day like? 

Get up, steep to get out a door. Get breakfast. Go to a basketball court. Go to a gym. Eat lunch. Go to a pool. Relax on a deck. Go to a casino. Go behind to a room, steep one some-more time to get inside. Take a nap. Go to dinner. Go out to a bar or whatever is going on in a evening. Duck one some-more time to get into a room, that is big. Go to sleep.

So what surprises we a many about cruising? 

I approaching it to be boring. It’s not.

You’re asked to validate lots of things. Were we astounded when Carnival asked we to partner with them?

No, since a vessel is large fun, only like me.

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